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I am officially a hipster. I have joined the ranks of many a hipster before me and jumped on the bubble tea bandwagon and what a tasty bandwagon it is guys. 

So bubble tea, you may or may not know what the heck I'm talking about and if you don't then let me tell you bubble tea started off in Taiwan years ago, probably around the 80's and slowly made it's way to us here in the UK. I stay in Scotland and there isn't any bubble tea bars close by so I simply couldn't wait for one to open and decided to just go buy the stuff myself. 

The picture above shows what items I got, you will have seen this all ready if you are following via Instagram. In my kit was the super chunky straws. These straws are huge and my sons had one of those 'oooh can I have, gimme-gimme moments' I also opted for the green matcha powder for flavouring and of course the boba's tapioca pearls that make the bubble tea 'bubbley'.  If you're searching for these pearls try searching for tapioca pears, bubble tea balls or boba. 

There are so many ways to make bubble tea and originally it was a milk tea that was made, but you can now find fruit juices, milkshakes and the milk tea's with hundreds of flavouring powders and syrups to choose from. Some bubble tea bars offer flavoured jelly balls instead of the tapioca pearls but being a bit of a traditionalist I had to opt for the pearls... I just had to. 

Here is a snap of my yummy bubble tea waiting to be gulped down... 


Here's the step by steps for making your own bubble drink. 

You Will Need - Milk Tea Version 

Tapioca Pearls // Either the black or coloured, it really doesn't make a huge difference. 
Chunky straws // These bad boys need to be big enough for the pearls to fit through. 
Tea // If you're having a tea version then you will need tea. 
Flavouring // Powders or Syrups. 
Ice // To chill. 
Optional Sweetener // I didn't use the sweetener as I feel the pearls make it sweet enough but some use honey, stevia, agave or regular sugar. 
Milk Product // Creamer, milk powder, UHT, normal milk or soya milk for example. 

You Will Need - Fruit Tea/Juice  

Tapioca Pearls // Again coloured or black or even a jelly flavoured pearl. 
Chunky Straws // Whip those bad boys out! 
Tea // If you're opting for a chilled tea no milk you can use any type. 
Fruit Juice // If you're using fresh fruit or fruit juice do not add milk or creamer as it may curdle. 
Ice // To chill. 
Milk // Again any type of milky product if you're opting for a fruit milkshake drink. 
Optional Sweetener // As before. 

How To

1. Take enough pearls to cover the base of your cup, you don't need many.  Add these to a heatproof microwavable bowl and cover with water. Heat for around 6 minutes or boil for a likewise time. You will see the pearls float in the water if they aren't floating then cook them for another minute or two. 

2. Boil your kettle as you would making a normal tea drink and fill a mug with water and let your tea ( I opted for green tea) soak in the water. Place your mug in the fridge to allow it to chill. 

3. Drain your pearls from the water and chill them in the fridge separately from your tea. 

4. Dairy
- Get your final mug/cup/beaker and fill it 1/4 of the way with your chilled tea( My second drink I filled it 1/2 and it was more tea-ish than creamy treat like). 
-Top up your beaker with your dairy product
-Add your pearls
- Add your flavoured powders ( I used green matcha) or syrups.
- Add any optional sweetener 
- Add ice (optional) and your chunky straw and you're good to go, baby! 

4a. Fruit Juice/Fruit Tea 
- As before but top up with fruit syrup and if you have opted for flavoured jelly pearls add those. 

4b. Fruit Milkshake 
- Blend your milk and fruit to create a milkshake
-Add ice into your blender to give it an icy chill. 
-Add your pearls and straw and you're good to go. 

When I first got this it did sit for a few days because I couldn't see how green tea would taste good with milk, I just really couldn't get my head around it. I was brought up that herbal and healthy teas were simply steeped in water and my green tea has been sitting idle for a while. Now I know that I can enjoy green tea daily and actually enjoy it. 

Have you jumped on the bubble tea bandwagon? What type would you opt for? 


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