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Matalan oh, Matalan how you have surprised me. Matalan is one of those stores that neither excite me or turn me off. I do visit my local store but only on occasion and mostly for their home wares. I tend to forget how good their clothing has become over the last few years, until I'm actually in the store.  What should result in me picking up some new cushions tends, to turn into toys for my sons, cushions, PJ's, DVDs, School clothing (because you can never get enough of that shiz) and accessories; oh the accessories how I do adore you. 

I rarely visit online unless they have a mega sale on and then I do tend to grow frustrated with the fact that everything has sold out. What can I say, I'm a want it all kind of girl.  I'm not sure why I feel this way about Matalan? they do have some gorgeous pieces and I love the fit of their fashionable styles. Is it because it's an 'all rounder' store? Is it the fact they have dowdy menswear and dowdy older ladies fashions that makes me think of it as being a downtrodden store? maybe I am slightly shopist (it's a word okies) and for that I am now apologising.

 The reason I am apologising is because upon closer inspection it's not the companies fault that I have a sieve of a brain and forget how cute some of their items are or how affordable they are, especially in this economic poop we are currently in.   I recently heard about the eight story factory collapse in Bangladesh, there were close to 400 people killed and thousands injured all because the building was constructed illegally and unsafely. The owner had been given permission to build only five stories but stupidly took it upon himself to add three illegal floors. 

The Bangladesh Government have frozen his assets to recoup some money, this money will go towards the families who lost loved ones or those who were injured, it will also be used to rebuilt the community so it once again becomes profitable. 

While this story is terrible, I was surprised to hear that Matalan and Primark took it upon themselves to offer financial support to help them get back on their feet. Primark did use some suppliers in the building but Matalan didn't. Matalan have made the decision to help even though they didn't have too and for that my opinion of the brand has positively increased. 

So to show my support to Matalan, I picked out my favourite festival outfit for you guys to see just how current their products are. How amazing are those Aztec inspired shorts guys! The whole outfit including bag and accessories totals an affordable £59 also. You would be trebling that total price had it been Topshop.  What's your opinion of Matalan? You can visit their website by clicking HERE


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