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Matthew Williamson | Benefit Collaboration

Matthew Williamson is one of my top five all-time favourite fashion designers, known for his glam pieces and his ability to make women look fantastic I was stoked when I heard the news of this collaboration. Williamson started his career way back in 1996 when he launched his first collection 'Electric Angels' and then one year later Matthew Williamson Company was born. Williamson's collection Electric Angel was a bohemian, jewel-toned clash collection which I feel was the mother of the bohemian movement. For that, I am truly grateful. In 2005 he became creative director at Emilio Pucci which inspired his collection designs from that point to today.

Personally, I can see the Pucci-seventies inspired design and Electric Angel nostalgia in this Williamson-Benefit collaboration. Pucci are well known for their kaleidoscopic patterns and a mish-mash of jewel tones and Williamson pulls this off perfectly in The Rich Is Back's packaging design.  This kit is a travel-sized limited edition seventies glam, disco diva makeup must-have. It's also made up of new and exclusive shades which are: 

Solid Gold Eyeshadow | Get Down Brown Eyeshadow | Disco Dust Eyeshadow | Feel So Teal Eyeshadow | Gimme Fever Blush Powder | Inferno Lip Gloss | They're Real Mascara

The great thing about the box is that you can remove the product tray, then use the box to store trinkets or jewellery. After all, it would be silly to let this iconic limited box go to waste, wouldn't it? 

In the USA this kit will launch this month at Sephora for $34 and in the UK on the 15th of June and will be priced £26.50. You can get yours here.


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