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May 2013 || Empties

Wow the end of May already, is it just me or did this month feel like it went way too fast? This month I probably didn't use up as much as normal, I was having a ball trying lots of new products and jumping about - oops. 

You will notice a few of these from my last empties, there are a few products I tend to always buy and will continue to do so until it stops working as well. You may also spot a few of these in my most reached for post which is coming soon. 

Empties Are: 

Nicky Clarke Endless Waves Leave-In Conditioning Spritz - I've tried so many shine sprays and so many leave in conditioners but this tops them all! I bought my last one in Poundland, I wish I'd stocked up now as they no longer have it. My hair is always soft and so naturally shiny with this product, I tend to spray it in after washing my hair at night so it's lush in the morning. 

Along Came Betty Butterfly Devine Smooth Rich Butter 300ml - This is one of those products that I adore. It's a pretty big tub but I get through so much, it's also currently on offer for £2.99 in Tesco's.. go buy it. 

Weleda Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash - This is really creamy and delicate. I adore rose scents so this was the perfect body wash. I will be buying the full size very soon. 

L'Occitane Immortelle Precious Cream - Love this, I've yet to try an L'Occitane product I didn't like. This is great for dryer skin types so I'd give it a miss if you have combination skin. 

Alva Hand Cream - This is a beauty box product and although it's a good product I won't be purchasing it again. I'm not even sure in all honesty where you can buy this as it looks foreign. 

REN 25ml Clearcalm 3 Replenishing Night Serum - I liked this serum, I didn't feel it done anything amazing to warrant buying the full size though. 

Somme Institute A-Bomb Step 4 Sample - Oh gosh I adore these, I actually received these from my Sindulge order as freebies. I hadn't heard of Somme Institute but after trying these and loving them, I Googled them to find their products are quite expensive. The A-Bomb actually costs a whopping $70. 

Somme Institute Serum Step 3 Sample - There is so much product in these little samples. I would have purchased the full sizes had it not been for the hefty $82 price tag. 

REN 25ml Clearcalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser - I really love this and found my skin cleared up. I used this more like a mask as it is thicker than most 'cleansers'. 

Olay Total Effects Serum Daily Concentrated Anti-Ageing Serum - Good old Olay. Olay was always my go-to product but now there are so many more advanced skincare products, Olay tends to sit in my 'in case of emergency' pile. 

Aveda Invati Exfoliating Shampoo 10ml - I received this as a sample when I ordered my shampoo. This is an 'exfoliating' shampoo. Not sure how it exfoliates but I didn't like this, my hair felt drier than normal and looked dull once dry. 

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream 7ml - I really like this cream but don't think it will be on my repurchase list. It moisturises well but doesn't compare to my favourite Etat Pur.

Time Eau De Toilette - This smells floral with a slight citrus twist. It's nice but not really for me. 

Organic Babies Soothing Baby Lavender Salve 10% goes to charity. - I've had this for ages and it's one of those miracle balms. You can use this on lips, cuts, elbows, cuticles, feet etc. I have been using this on dry areas and our lips. It's nice and works well and my sons really like it so we will be buying again. 

Greenwood Organics Clary Sage & Jojoba Cleanser Sample - Herbal and creamy this cleanser really does clean your skin without drying it out. 

Natural Elements Rejuvenating Day Serum Sample - LOVE Natural Elements, you may remember seeing the full size in my first empties post. Natural Elements pride themselves on making natural products with the smallest amount of ingredients. This one contains only 7! 

What empties do you have? 


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