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Nails Inc | Shine Bright Like An Emerald

Another new collection from Nails Inc, another squee or two from me. I adore Nails Inc and anyone who follows over on my Facebook page would be able to tell you that. I'm sure over half of my nail polishes are by Nails Inc and for some reason, I just don't have that many green's or green tones (check my Instagram for swatches I own). I'm not sure why I don't have much green polish because I really love it but, it could have been due to a Revlon green polish that seriously was dire and may have put me off with its ugliness  I know with Nails Inc that the shades are pretty true to what they look like in the bottle so these should be a winner.  

Here are the newly released products...
 Bling It On Emerald // Get Jewel encrusted nails with the Queen Victoria Street polish and emerald green glitter, complete with dusting tray for easy application and tidy up. This kit costs £18.

Battersea Polish // Apply 2 coats of this gorgeous emerald green glitter polish for easy bling. This would look amazing teamed with the Queen Victoria Street polish from the Bling It On Emerald Kit. This costs £12 and a web exclusive, I can see this going fast so be quick. 

I wanted to show you how versatile a green polish is when putting together an outfit so I made this quick boho bling mood board of yumminess for you. 

Green represents Mother Nature, Celts, Ireland, Summer days in the countryside and festivals. I wanted this outfit to not be about the typical combinations of greens and brows so I threw in the hypothetical fashion spanner into the works and brought out the purple.

I still stuck to a functional earthy-bohemian babe outfit but you can clearly see how well the green and the purple compliment each other. The green jewel tones would also look hot with a chilli pepper red or vibrant orange too.  How darling also are those Charlotte Olympia Kitty shoes? I'm going to be adding a few DIY fashion tutorials to the blog very soon so you may see your bohemian fashion dream being more achievable sooner rather than later.  So what's your opinion of these emerald tones? will you be buying any of these? 


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