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Nike X Liberty // Floral Firsts Liberty Collection

Liberty oh Liberty how you make my heart sing... 

Nike and Liberty are an unlikely pairing but one that has resulted in these 3 ah-mazing designs. The SS13 range was just released on the 9th and already are selling like they're going out of fashion. If your a fan of classic styles such as the Air Max 1 (with the visible air bubble), Blazer Mid and the popular Roshe Run then these will be right up your street. Available in 2 iconic Liberty floral fabrics. Pepper is comprised of teeny delicate floral shapes outlined in black to give the flowers a modernised depth. Here's a close up of the fabric but in a different colour. 

The second fabric is Capel. Capel is comprised of a more prominent floral but in a lighter palette. Capel has been on classic Tana since 1993 and is extremely popular, I personally love this print in pastel tones as they are just so feminine and delicate without looking too shabby. 

Each style varies in price but these will cost around £100-£150 depending on style. You can customise your own 'kicks' (check me getting down with the kids) over on the Nike website via their Nike ID service. I recently used this service to order my hubster some funky ass'd trainers (non-Liberty) and we were amazed by them. If you follow over on Instagram you will have seen them already, if not you can take a peek by clicking HEREI wanted to show you how unique this service really is by styling 2 different designs, using the same trainer design. Here is my first design which I need  want (desperately) 

As much as I like the primary tones in the bottom design, I am very much a pastel girl at heart. These were designed using the same base trainer but both are so different. 

It's also affordable to purchase Nike ID trainers especially when going through Quidco or other similar cashback sites, I found my husband's fully designed trainers cost less than generic ones. Currently, you can get free delivery and 9% cashback going via Quidco, take a peek HEREYou can get yours from Liberty (some are sold out but are due to be restocked) by clicking HERE or head on over to Nike to get your design on HERE

Are you guys Liberty lovers? 


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