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Revlon | Baby Cheeks

Oh, Baby, these little cuties are, well... cute. 

On the same mini haul day as the Rimmel 3D plumping top coat, I saw this and it had to jump into my basket as it was the last one - I know this has probably done the blog rounds but I just HAD to buy it.  As a lady who is naturally rosy cheeks with a tendency to blush, I steered away from blusher products for 28 years-shocking I know. Now I am slowly trying to eek in some blusher as I am starting to look slightly washed out. 

As a blusher amateur, I don't particularly like the clown cheek blusher that some girls wear, it actually scared the bejeezus out of me. I have tried so many illuminators, pinks and natural tones and wanted to opt for something out of my comfort zone. 

I had previously blogged about the Revlon Pacific Coast collection- by Gucci Waterman, you can read that post here about Gucci Westman's Revlon Collection. Out of the range, I did want to try the Revlon Baby Cheeks as it's a duo product and can be used for both lips and cheeks. At least I could use it for something else if the whole blusher cheek thing didn't work out. 

In the tube, it is definitely a pinky coral colour. Swatched however I was surprised to find it was so sheer and natural with a slight illuminating effect. 

Left: This is it rubbed in, see how it looks even, slightly coloured and illuminated in comparison to the right which is a basic swatch on my milk bottle hands. 

There are 3 colours in this range, the coral tone I have is called 'Tahitian', there is also Sunset and Pink Passion. They basically twist up creamy wax sticks and they apply quite easily leaving you looking pretty and glowing; I'm not sure if I'm yet bold enough to test out the other two. My only gripe, however, is that they smell waxy-like a crayon and as much as I don't want them to be fragranced I do wish they smelled slightly better. 

Again, I got these from Boots and they are on offer at £4.99- they will cost £6.99 at their normal price. Did anyone else find they smelled too waxy? Have you swatched or tested out the other two? I'd love to see your posts. 


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  1. These look nice. I haven't tried any waxy stick type blushers, but I see them alot. I only know how to use powder blushes and even then I only apply a little bit as to not look clownish hehe.


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