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Split Sleeve Dress: C/o Next  | Shoes: C/o Next  

Yay for the sun! 

Today was a day for pulling out the day dress, I've had this in my wardrobe just waiting for the right weather. Today it was literally screaming 'wear me.... not those other guys' Those who know me would tell you that I am a huge dress fan, I could literally be a Stepford Wife-Esq woman. If the weather wasn't all over the place I'd quite happily live in dresses, cardies and heels. 

I think my love of the humble dress comes from being so short, with 28-inch legs it can be tough getting items that look 'right'. As much as my legs are stubby I also have womanly hips so petite items can cling, in all of the wrong places. It can be frustrating when stores cater for 'regular' lengths, maternity, long legs and the more curvy frames but not Petites; when I was younger it put me off shopping at one point, which is what lead to my love of dresses. 

The dress I am wearing today is by Next and more importantly Next Petites. I love that Next caters for all shapes and sizes, their clothing is also cut amazingly with ample room for the occasional bloat. Even their shoes are available in half sizes, which means that I don't get blisters on my heels from the shoes rubbing, or I don't get sore tootsies from being all squished up. This is a simple outfit and is suitable for most day's. Shopping at the weekend, running around at the park with your children or partaking in a hobby or two. I love the hidden deep pockets but I just wished I had popped a belt on, this size maybe just a tad too big, but it's oh-so-comfortable. 

What do you guys think? Have you been rocking the nautical, blue's or monochromes? 


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  1. I've got blue on my nails! Love the dress. I think we have a similar body type. It's hard for me to find clothes that look right.


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