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I heard yesterday that Ottavio Missoni sadly passed away at the age of 92 in his home, peacefully in Italy. It saddens me to think of such a fashion legend no longer being in this world but on the other hand, the Missoni legacy continues through the fashion line.

There are not many people who know about Missoni where I stay, Missoni wasn't just another rich creative type making money from clothing. Ottavio Missoni was a fascinating gentleman who had been a soldier in World War 2, a prison of war in Egypt in for four years and then a professional sportsman. What I find inspiring is that he continued to pursue his dreams when most would have curled up into a ball and gave up. It was when his sports team visited London for an event that Ottavia met Rosita after 1948 that he truly fell in love; they married in 1953 and gave birth to the Missoni brand in the same year.

Love was the driving force for these two; they re-purposed the use of a Rachel machine which was typically used to make shawls. The Rachel machine was the tool that would make their first colourful and lightweight dresses that would get them noticed in the sixties. They started to appear in fashion magazines and held their first fashion show in Milan in 1966. Fast forward 3 years and Woman's Wear Daily had dedicated a feature to the Missoni brand; this was huge in those days as Woman's Wear Daily was a major publication.

In 2011 Ottavio told WWD “I've never done what was fashionable, “I didn't want to work with pre-set schemes, and I paint my own way. I ended up in fashion by chance; I would never have imagined it." I think this fully sums up the brand and what makes gives it the iconic, unique image it still has to date.

So to say thank you to a great role model, iconic fashion hero and all round gentleman I wanted to dedicate this post to Ottavio Missoni. You can see from my top picks image that the brand they created, back in the fifties has still remained true to their style. They haven't felt the pressure from others to follow other fashion brands or current trends.

Those zig-zags are still rocking it for me personally. You can purchase any of those items via Shopcade as normal guys. To visit my Missoni @ ASOS board just click HERE or you can sign up and make your own boards by clicking HERE What's your take on this sad news? 


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  1. I love Missoni , he will be missed .

    1. He most certainly will VA, I do wonder if the brand image will remain the same from here on though? x

  2. Wonderful post,love your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa


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