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Purple Pout

Purples are huge right now. Everyone seems to be rocking the purple pout or at least coveting some purple toned product. I know I am. Generally, I go for the more purple toned make-up, especially cool toned red lipsticks. There's just something about blue and purple tones that seem to suit everyone regardless of age and skin tone, as I carry on blogging I am getting braver in my make-up choices for sure so I really am desperate to get a few bold purples to test them out. 

This list is my top ten picks of lipsticks that are various shades of purple. You will also notice that I made sure the price range was quite wide, just because something is 'in' fashion doesn't mean it has to cost you the earth. I know MUA lipsticks are really good and at a teeny £1 there is really nothing to loose on the other end of the scale Illamasqua lipsticks products, in general, are amazing, I haven't quite found a company that offers that amount of pigmentation. Personally, if I had to choose two out of this list of ten I would choose the YSL Sheer Candy and Illamasqua in a heartbeat. 

Here's the line-up...

MUA £1 // Available in 16 shades, this one is lipstick shade '2' I have tried MUA and they apply really well, are pigmented and leave you looking glossy and kissable. They are worth oh-so-much more than the teeny £1.
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture £25 // This is shade '101 Violet Singulier' It looks quite similar to Illamasqua's Esp but I'm guessing it won't be as pigmented. I do like the lush packaging too. 
 Calvin Klein CK One EDT Spray 100 ml (CK One) £13 //  Available in velvet (this one) and red. I'm surprised there aren't more colours but this looks lovely. 
Illamasqua Colour-Intense Lipstick £16.50 // This is 'Esp' but there are two other purple shades which are 'Growl' and 'Underworld'. Wowsers right, look at that pigment and Illamasqua tend to be 'that' pigmented on the lips. 
MAC - Viva Glam £14 // There are 6 shades with the rest being more pink tones. This is a no brainer as MAC's lipsticks are really good.
Yves Saint Laurent - Volupte Sheer Candy £23.50 // This is colour '2'- I need this in my life and can promise that there will be a review as soon as it comes. It just looks so pretty and I love that these are sheer. 
Natio Lipstick £8.40 (normally £11) // There are a whopping 22 shades with 8 of them being purple tones. Again I haven't tried Natio but it seems to have great reviews and is currently on offer. 
Topshop at Selfridges SS13 £9 // Available in pink and purple- I haven't tried any of Topshop's beauty yet (oops) so can't tell you if it's any good. Up close these do look excellent quality and look as though they would be pretty pigmented. Have you tried these? 
Clinique Chubby Stick £16 // This is 'grandest grape' there are 8 colours in this range and having tried the Clinique chubby sticks I can recommend them fully-they really are as awesome as they look. 
Barry M £4.49 // This contains cocoa butter and up close it looks so smooth and moisturising. It also comes in 8 other shades-this purple shade is called 'LP156.

Will you be trying a purple pout this summer or have you already gone to the purple side? 


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