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Real Men

So Elyse is ill so I'm stepping in for her today. I wanted to kick off my guest role with a 'real men' series. I know first hand that many men think moisturiser is a feminine product, that real men don't do anything as girly as applying a moisturiser to their manly rugged face. 

While it's OK for everyone to have their own views and ideas about male grooming, men don't have any inhuman superpowers that allow us to have skin made of steel. I think some guys forget that maybe some think it's not macho to care about yourself but by caring for yourself it shows you care and respect yourself - as well as about how you look for your partner too. After all, we all still want to look attractive to our partners in the long run. 

So here are my top ten favourite moisturisers. Guys you can even apply this slapdash if it makes you feel better. Moisturiser helps support your skin cells, reduces razor burn and ingrowing hairs as well as reducing sebum production. You can't tell me that pimpled razor burned the skin is a good look. 

These top picks all represent a range of budgets, ladies if you want to get your man into grooming then moisturiser is a great first step. 

1.Origins Save The Males £28 - I haven't tried this product... but I want to. It not only offers moisture but contains antioxidants in the form of mangosteen, carrot extract and chinese wolfberry. I'm intrigued to see if it makes a visible difference. 
2.LAB Series Pro All-In-One Moisturiser £22 - LAB Series are the brand that got me into grooming. I started off with their exfoliator as it was really grainy and minty and then moved on to the rest of their products. I cannot hype this product and range enough and fully recommend it. 
3. Nivea Pure & Natural Moisturiser £5.39 - It does what it says on the tin, you do need to watch which product you purchase as some of the Nivea moisturisers are fragranced. 
4. Rodial Bee Venom Moisturiser £115 - This is not cheap and to be honest it's one of those products I would purchase when I felt I really needed that extra helping hand. I know it's fantastic as I have seen Elyse using it and she hypes it so much. She also tried a lower £1.99 venom product and again loved the effects. 
5.Amie Matte Finish Moisturiser £4.95 - We love Amie products, they don't look amazing but they really are. This one's great especially for combination skin types and Elyse uses this, having tested it a few times it is better than a lot of the high street brands but costs less. 
6. Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion £17 - I have tried this, it's light but creamy enough to care for your skin all day. I have sensitive skin that reacts to a lot of products but this one didn't cause any reaction. 
7. Bare Escentuals  Purely Nourishing Moisturiser £22.99 - I haven't tried this product and to be fair the packaging might be deemed to feminine for some guys. If you are worried by the packaging simply chuck away the box. It also has some great reviews across the blogosphere so it's worthy of a try, although some of the lower ranges might be better as a starting point. 
8. Eve Lom Moisturiser with SPF15 £45 - Protecting your skin with SPF is a clever move chaps. This is a two bird one stone product, although I haven't tested this it does have great reviews across the blogosphere so it had to take it's rightful position in this top 10. 
9. Steamcream 3-in-1 Jam Jar Tin £13 - Steamcream products contain natural ingredients which is great BUT they contain parabens. I have to say that this product regardless of those nasty parabens is one of my all time favourites. We go through a ton of Steamcream in our household. 
10. Clean & Clear Essential Moisturser £3.59 - I have tried this as well as other Clean & Clear products and I find that they are either too strong for sensitive skins or don't offer enough moisture for drier skins. If you're a combi or normal skin type then this is for you. 

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