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I was recently given the opportunity to try Etat Pur, I have seen other reviews and post for this brand and it was always on my wishlist so I was stoked when it arrived.  Etat Pur believes in going back to the start, using specific ingredients rather than huge long lists of unpronounceable ingredients that do little to improve the skin problems. 

Etat Pur has it right in that they realise everyone's skin is different, they cater to each person's skin types and problems and offer targeted and effective solutions. I was asked to fill in a small questionnaire, this helps you to find the right products from the start. My main issues were that my skin had become dull and lifeless, I wanted to reduce my pores and provide moisturisation and eye care for my under eyes. 

The products which were recommended were...

B21 Light Moisturization Emulsion // This is not a cream or a lotion, it has a unique, light consistency that works far better than any thicker cream but without the greasy, shiny finish. It absorbs quickly and is simply amazing, it has reduced evened out my skin's patchy dry area's. This is something that no other brand has ever done for my skin and, to be honest, I didn't it was ever possible that my skin would even out like this. 

A60 Citric Acid // This product targets dull skin with a loss of radiance, it also evens out the complexion and tightens loose skin. I absolutely adore this product, I really can't emphasise just how much I love this and it is going to be in my skincare routine forever. The bottle of this is quirky, you simply push the button and it delivers the right amount of product. Only 4 drops are needed to cover the whole face. It's an astringent, exfoliant and regenerates new cell formation while leaving you looking radiant and fresh. 

A04 Acmella // This product targets expression wrinkles. I specifically have these on my forehead and that little gap of skin between my eyebrows, and at the side of my eyes. Acmella flowers have a botox like an effect and contain myorelaxant molecules that smooth out the skin.  I don't use this every day but it does play a part in making my skin look awesome. 

B42 Smoothing Eye Contour Cream // This has a strange consistency, like egg whites. It's fresh and light and again only a teeny amount is needed to provide the right amount of care. It works to alleviate signs of fatigue and stress, rejuvenating the eye area so you look fresh and rested. 

Without sounding like I'm obviously hyping these products (which I am) I really do adore this range. I really didn't think it was possible to get this level of glowing skin, this quick. I haven't had to wear a full face of makeup since using this. 

In this picture, I am ONLY wearing Maybelline eyeshadow and Artdeco All in One mascara and eyebrow pencil. No concealer, foundation, BB cream or cover-up at all. 

This is my skin before using Etat Pur (it did get worse than this about 1 week prior to starting Etat Pur), you can see there are red pimples, scarring, uneven skin tones and there are dry patches around my nose. I would have had to cover up before going out as these skin issues were more visible in person than on this image. 

So you can see that even in as little as a couple of weeks, there have been huge improvements can't you. All-in-all, I am hooked, I would fully recommend this brand to everyone as they really cater to all issues from sensitive, ageing, dull, spotty, scarring and even pigmentation marks. You can get visit Etat Pur by clicking (here), they also offer free delivery with your first order. 


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