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Victoria's Secret || Bombshell Fragrance


Oh to be Victoria's Secret model. Those bodies, that glowing skin and ugh their lush hair - I'm 'maybe' having some slight body envy but it's really hard not to. I think I may have to start some conspiracy theory that the Victoria Secret models aren't human, that they are from Nibiru and have implanted themselves into the human race to make us all feel [and look] inferior.

That's my explanation and it's the one I'm sticking too. I can only but dream of one day looking like that  and to be honest, I know I will never reach that level of glam, I feel knackered just thinking of the work and exercise (ugh! exercise) they must put into achieving their washboard stomachs and toned mile-long legs. 

So to make us mere mortals feel better, the lovely people at Victoria's Secret continually release products such as their newest Bombshell fragrance. I in all honestly love some of their perfumes although they aren't the easiest to come by in the UK. I normally purchase mine from abroad, eBay or Amazon but you have the small chance of buying fakes over on eBay.

'Bombshell' would fall into the sexy, provocative  but feminine family of fragrances, it's a good one I can tell you that. Top notes of Boysenberry, Lavender Flower and Pamplewood which transform into fresh honeysuckle, lily and soft baby lavender. These fruity florals lay on a bed of sexy musk's, vanilla, moss and enticing amber's and those amber's are just oh-so-sexy. 

I hold my hands up though I have a penchant for amber and musk notes teamed with jasmine, my review may be slightly biased due to this. If you're more of a fruity notes girl then I'd say this isn't for you likewise if you prefer more unisex scents of perfumes that are more masculine-feminine then again this may not be the right fragrance. 

To accompany the Eau de Parfum V.S have also released a body lotion and body mist so you can really layer those notes up. Prices in the US vary from $20 for the body lotion upwards to $68 for the larger bottle of EDP. I'm not sure what the exact prices will be for the UK so it's worth shopping around


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