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The 'IT' Fragrance

Fresh, feminine and light. Oriflame's newest fragrance 'Vivacity' is the fragrance to set your sights on.  As a fragrance snob, I was amazed to find that I loved a fragrance that wasn't worn during fashion week, or splashed across the glossy covers of Vogue or Cosmo. Don't get me wrong I do own many fragrances such as Body Shop's Love Etc... and Indie Perfumes from Etsy,  these aren't worn by the glitterati but I still quite happily spritz them on each week; it is rare though that I am seduced by a fragrance such as the ones mentioned. 

What surprised me was that I love this fragrance. Any other smaller branded fragrances I find tend to smell like they are trying too hard to be different. I find many of the lower brands fragrances turn on my skin or give me a headache with the exception of a few. If you covered the branding on the Vivacity bottle and box, you could easily presume this Artdeco designed bottle was made by either D&G or Chloe. Spritzing the eau de toilette I would be shocked if you didn't think it was either D&G Light blue wearing glasses and seeing clearer or Escada's Pacific Paradise.

Vivacity smells fresh but feminine, light but sultry and if this was a female woman it would be someone who is confident, self-assured and ambitious.  I actually prefer this over its similar counterparts and this lasts longer than Light Blue and the dry down results in a scent that is soft and seductive. The notes are pink grapefruit, bright mandarin and pink pepper blended with a variety of flowers such as peonies and orange blossoms; amber, vetiver and musks are the notes that sealed the deal for me, you can't beat a well done amber fragrance. I would say this is suitable for everyone. From teenagers just getting into a fragrance to the more mature woman looking for a daytime scent. 

Vivacity was released on the 11th of May and has a current launch price of £12.95, as of June 7th this will increase to £17.95 so get your hands on this straight away. Click over to Oriflame to get your seduction on. 


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