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A/W Hair Trends & Hair Care

Autumn-Winter 2013 is all about the sleek and chic. Mixing up textures and creating sophisticated minimalist looks with awesome accessories is what the style-savvy will be aiming for. I know I can't wait and will be starting my hair prep-pronto. 

There were a lot of references to the 1960s for the minimalist looks but packing a punch with attitude and amazing technique,  also the 1990s were referenced for the graphic-bolder styles. Everyone from Alexander Wang in New York,  Bottega Veneta in Milan and Miu Miu in Paris were rocking the sophisticated minimalist styles on the runway. 

The texture was created by flattening sections. The hair was initially straightened and given a sleek high gloss finish. To stop it from becoming too perfect, sections were flat ironed or loosely scrunched to give the hair that raw-rocker style without it going overboard. I'm completely sold as each of the styles are so easy to do, even for busy mum types like myself. 


Taking care of your tresses is the best way to continually good looking hair. I'm going to completely overhaul my hair routine, here's how. 

* Wash your hair every few days rather than daily. This reduces the amount of damage caused by weakened hair and gives it some time to repair itself. 

* When you are washing and conditioning, apply the product and leave it for at least 2-3 minutes. You can't benefit from the ingredients unless you leave the product on the hair long enough. 

Use a dry shampoo in between washes if you feel your hair is becoming a bit lank. I personally hate dry shampoo, I feel it leaves my hair grimy and the white powder leaves me anxious. I will be, however, trying the Baptiste dry shampoo specifically for brown hair to combat this problem. 

Always use hair bands that do not have the metal joins - these lead to your hair becoming damaged or snapping when they snag. 

* When you're using conditioner only apply it to the ends of your hair.  

* Apply a spray in conditioner. I like to spray it on when my hairs wet and before I go to bed. 

* Always apply a protective spray before using heated products. 

* Try to keep heated products to a minimum. If you can't live without straight hair why not try some new up-do's or leave your hair wavy? 

* Treat your hair once a week with either an oil treatment or a mask. I personally love Kerastase hair oils or you could try a clay hair mask if you have combination hair types.  

Haircare Products

There are so many hair care products available, here are the basic product types your hair wardrobe will love you for buying. 

Volume: Spray foam which targets the roots (TIGI). 
Texture: Dry Shampoo/Hair Powder (Baptiste), Finishing spray, spray gel. 
Enhance Leave-in conditioner (Nicky Clarke), blow-drying lotion, 
Shine: Hair Oil (L'Oreal Miracle Oil), Polishing Milk (Aveda) and Shine Spray. 
Finish: Hairspray

Hair Styles 

A/W 13 Pony Tail
Low ponytails are going to be huge for AW13.

1. Wash and condition your hair as normal. 
2. Add some blow-dry lotion and dry straight.  
3. Make a super clean centre parting.
4. Flat iron so it looks sleek and straight.  
5. Gather hair into a low ponytail, draping the hair over the ears. 
6. Move your hand about 1 inch down so it looks natural and tie with a bobble. 
7. Finish with Glisten Mist. 

Loose Waves
Loose waves look so effortless and sexy, here's how you can get this look. 

1. Apply a root targeted volume spray foam such as TIGI's Your Highness to damp hair. 
2. Roughly blow dry using fingers. 
3. Twist into a bun and spray on some dry shampoo
4. Let it sit for a few minutes. 
5. Undo the bun
6. Spray with more dry shampoo/hair powder
7. Release for sexy, textured loose waves. 

Dishevelled Hair 
The got out of bed and I look this damn good hairstyle. Great in this weather also as the humidity will only add to the texture. 

1. Apply polishing milk to damp hair. 
2. Roughly blow-dry
3. Then centre part your hair.  
4. Spray finishing wax to enhance texture 
5. Tuck behind ears. 

1960's Messy Ponytail
I love using scarves as accessories so can't wait to use this as an excuse to buy some new pretty headscarves. I am also coveting & Other Storie's hair bobbles. 

1. Apply a volumising cream mousse from the roots to the ends. 
2. Blow-dry straight. 
3. Centre Part your hair.
4. Backcomb the crown. 
Tie back in a low slung ponytail leaving the back voluminous. 
Tie on a silk headscarf.  


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