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Barry M Textured Nails

I'm a huge lover of OPI liquid sand polishes. I know these polishes are like Marmite but funnily enough I love Marmite too. If you love Marmite I'm guessing you'll love these. If you're a perfectionist you may hate them. Here's my reasoning for why I love sand textures (but hate sand). I am a semi-perfectionist- I love beauty that's easy but effective and for me personally there's nothing worse than doing your nails, waiting for them to dry and then it chipping within 24-48 hours. 

Gel polishes are great in that they last weeks BUT I can't wear gel polish as they seriously dried out my nails and caused a heap of nail-nerve damage (meaning that touching paper or anything remotely dry causes severe goosebumps all over my body). I want a polish that applies easily and lasts a week, I don't think I'm asking too much do you? 

This polish is quite fluid, it can gather around the edges and I'd definitely advice doing 3 thin layers rather than an average layer or two. If you add too much it pools around the edges.  When you apply this you sort of think you've been sent a dud ' There's no sand in this, what the heck' is what was going through my mind but, it dries to this texture. 

This isn't the greatest swatch-sorry. It does give you an idea however of the fine sand texture it leaves. It's very fine and stop definitely lasts around a week, I find it's easy to manage a textured manicure purely because any bumps and nicks don't show due to the irregular texture. I also believe that the sand gives it some extra strength and stops the nails from splitting. 

There are 4 shades in this range. I picked up the turquoise or 'tnp1' the blue and the turquoise are very similar. They cost £3.99 and are difficult to find. I know my local Boots keeps selling out and they keep selling out online too. I had to purchase mine from River Island believe it or not where they cost £4. 

You can purchases these polishes from Boots but be quick as they have been re-stocked - you can get a second shade for half price or River Island  

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