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I'm always looking at healthy ways to eat, vegan and vegetarian ways of living and how to live with less toxins. I remember the pure feeling I had after having my sons, the huge purge of toxins, waste and weight felt amazing. Since having my sons I became very aware of the dangers of certain ingredients, how those nasties can affect us over the long term and which products I could use instead. 

Beyond Organic Skincare is one of those products on the 'safe' list. It's made with 100% natural organic ingredients that work to reduce fine lines and signs of aging. 

Packaged also in eco-friendly pumps and recycled cardboard boxes this brand certainly makes me feel saintly. The Ultra Radiance Age Defying range offers the user so many benefits from a radiant complexion to a moisturised healthy skintone which is softer and smoother. Over time it's said to reduce fine lines and firm your skin making you look more youthful, I haven't gotten to that point yet having only used this for a few weeks, so can't say if it does do what it says on the tin box.  

This cream comes in a 40 ml or 20 ml size, I have the 40 ml's. It contains four potent active natural ingredients which are sweet blue lupin peptides, Alpine Rose, Oat Beta Glucan and pure organic oatmeal. Sweet blue lupin peptides help to prevent skin damage from UV lights, alpine rose is a natural antioxidant and protects the skin against oxidative damage and Oat Beta Glucan promotes collagen production while decreasing hyper pigmentation. If you have a child who suffers from eczema or psoriasis then you may all ready know the benefits of oatmeal. Oatmeal contains phyto-actives which soothe problematic skins while reducing irritation and redness. 

The cream itself smells of a delicate rose. The fragrance fades quickly after applying which is great, I hate overly scented face creams but this one has just the right amount of scent for the right amount of time.

 It's not a cheap product at £68 for 40 ml this is definitely a splurge item. If you want 100% natural skincare and are aware of the dangers of synthetic and chemical ingredients I would fully recommend this product. It makes my skin feel amazing and soft all day long. Normally I need to re-apply moisturiser during the day and change my product during those hormonal times - I've not had to change this yet. It's also not given me any spots or boils which is amazing as that's something I despise when using a product. 

I've been using this now for a couple of weeks and would recommend it as a product. Also if your an earth mother or pregnant I would recommend this both for use for yourself and also for bump and baby. It's said to show significant wrinkle reduction within eight weeks but I really hope it reduces my pigmentation marks to be honest - I will report back on an overall opinion in a few weeks time.  

You can check out the range and the rest of Beyond Organic Skincare's products HERE

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