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Caribbean Essentials offer a range of products aimed to balance and restore your chakras as well as overall inner and outer beauty. Using aromatherapy sensory therapy these potent products were created by Linda Hall who is a passionate leader in spa consultancy and well-being. 

Personally I hadn't heard of the Caribbean Essential range before receiving this. When I do receive products I test them prior to checking out any websites, checking prices and availability. I want to make sure that I am using the same standards of testing for all products. I then take my favourites and let you guys know about them, of course there have been a few not so favourites but this products falls in to the favourite category. 

The product itself is the Radiance Facial Spritz and it's made using amazing natural active botanics and smells so fresh and herbal. The fragrance is made up of neroli, carrot seed oil, aloe Vera, sweet orange and witch hazel.  The fragrance disappears quickly leaving you with a fresh glowing complexion and I've also noticed that using this, in correlation with my favourite 3 step skincare regime, my skin seems more toned and balanced and clear. I also no longer get that tight feeling as the day goes on. 

If your considering purchasing this product or any facial spritz product what I would recommend is to spritz when your skin starts to feel dry, tired and tight. I swear your skin will thank you for it. Face Spritz's depending on their aim and ingredients are made to re-hydrate skin and to soothe. Sort of like taking a drink when you're thirsty, but for your skin. 

The Caribbean Essentials range is based around three aromatic blends; Rapture, Restore and Release and there are products to suit all holistic and non-holistic beauty aims. I will be taking mine out over the weekend to stop the sun burn and to soothe my heat puffed skin. (I look horrendous in any sort of heat). 


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