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Ebay Buys & The Crazy Shopping Lady

Ebay Buys

I do tend to be a savvy shopper but sometimes my savvy ness gets over ruled by my crazy shopping counterpart. Sort of like Beyonce and Sasha Fierce I really should nickname the crazy shopping lady that lives inside me shouldn't I? Any suggestions pop them below. 

So I have been so good this year with not buying frivolously. That is until our household income went up and we bought a puppy, then we had to pay for dentists bills, and then we had to purchase some new furniture, then the bloody car went and broke, and then the hairy boy heap of weight and needed new clothes (because as much as he's an Adonis,in my opinion, his naked Adonis-ness is not for anyone else to see) this all resulted in more spending than I was normally comfortable with. 

At first, I felt sick having to pay out large amounts, that is until it seemed something major needed replacing each month and slowly the spending bandage was ripped off. Spending became that little bit easier. When June hit for some reason, the crazy spending lady came out shouting KAPOW! I'm back bitches. 

I've been trying to curb it I really have BUT, with all of these summer sales I'm having to fight- I'm fighting hard from here on. So far I have purchased from River Island, Topshop, ASDA, New Look, Harrods, Kurt Geiger and eBay. 

The good thing about eBay is that I buy a heap of crap half the time but it always ends up being the most useful crap. My top 10 recent purchases this month are all in the picture above. I don't regret purchasing them because they are so super useful which is why I am dedicating this post to the humble china based products. 

So here goes...

1. Cute bear sticky page markers 99p free delivery - These are needed for work and as reading page markers. Plus they are so damn cute. 

2. Jade face and neck roller £2.47 free delivery - This apparently helps your lymph nodes drain, soothes and tightens the facial and neck areas. I like to pop mine in the fridge and use it either the last thing at night or, first thing in the morning. 

3. Slimming waist belt. £2.49 free delivery - Yip my sons forced this sale. Apparently, I'm not as hot as I was in my wedding picture. This is a need must purchase although not sure how well it works...YET. 

4. Mini CND Solar Oil £2.85 free delivery - The king of nail care oil. I had run out and although this is a mini size, the minis tend to last forever. 

5. Hello, Kitty Gatcha Ball 99p free delivery - This contains a Hello Kitty stationery product. Mine contained a pink doughnut-shaped sellotape with Hello Kitty on it. It's so uber cute guys. 

6. Red Fox Bag £3.25 £1.99 delivery (£5.24) - This is for a teenagers birthday that's coming up. 

7. Halterneck Bra Accessory £1.55 free delivery - Do you see how cute this is? It makes my cleavage lush and my bra's more comfortable. Plus it's a godsend for wearing with dresses and racerbacks. 

8. Black Rabbit Ear Hairband £2.65 free delivery - For those hot days that you need to have your hair out of your face - but still look cute. 

9. Black Vest Dress £2.66 free delivery - say what! less than £3 and delivery included. These are a base wardrobe product. 

10. Handbag Organiser Insert £1.99 free delivery - For easily taking from bag to bag. There's nothing worse than having to scramble around in your bag to find a product is there. 

Total £23.88 including delivery. 

If you would like any of the links guys to let me know in the comments. I haven't popped the links down because you know how eBay works. Things change all of the time and to find the best deals you are best to do a search. Make sure you click the price including p&p and then the 'buy it now' option. This brings up the cheapest product including postage. 


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