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Geek Chic Nail Art : Tutorial

Geek chic what's not to love? It's kooky, unusual and hipster. You can of course mix things up and maybe even add a geek chic family to the mix- change up the colours or add some bling using glitter or silver hexagonal sequins as a focal nail. 

Although the colours are very monotone here you could pep this up by adding in some neon, glow in the dark or opposite primary colours. You no longer need to worry about buying masses of nail polish fine liners, you can actually do this two ways. You can purchase teeny tiny painting brushes and nail art brushes (normally a few pound from Ebay for 3-5 brushes) or you can simply use brushes and normal acrylic paint. Most polish liner's contain acrylic- as long as you top with a polish topcoat you're good to go. 

Here's how to get your geek-chic on guys... 

1. Check nails : Using your darker tone (black for this picture), draw several diagonal lines as shown. 

2. Draw vertical lines in the opposite direction. Once it's dry draw more diagonal lines in-between the original lines with a different colour.  Apply 2 big dots in your darker colour and then 2 smaller dots in your second colour - these will create your geek glasses and moustache. 

Remember you can mix up your own colours. Using a paper plate dot some colour and mix just as though you would with watercolours.  

3. Using your fine brush pull out the corners to create your glasses, add your pupils inside the glasses. 

4. You can now add more details such as hair, bow ties, hats or accessories such as Iphone etc. Of course these are optional extras. 

5. Finish with a polish clear topcoat.

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