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I have a list of influential ladies, I like to keep this list because I like to have a beacon that drives me. Some have family members, others have a goal or wish they want to fulfil. For me, I like to take some time to consider these 'girl crushes' when I feel stilted, uninspired or down in the dumps. 

They each have ways of pulling me through, giving me hope and making me push myself to get through what I'm doing. See I don't have many living family members to inspire me so looking towards these celebrities does the same thing as say looking to your mum, your aunt or your best friend. 

I'm continually adding people to this list. My goals haven't changed and I still have the same traits that make me put someone on the list. Those are kindness, being a good parent, being considerate towards others, natural beauty, Eco-friendly, stylish, works towards progression, does amazing things and stays strong. 

Here is my current list, who would be on yours? 

Oprah Winfrey

One of the worlds most influential females. Oprah has a way of getting to the truth and she does it in such a straight talking- no bull crap way that you have to admire her. She came from a terribly troubled childhood and fought her way to success. Having survived rape and then giving birth at the tender age of 14 only to lose her son at infancy, Oprah fought to continue on.  There is so much to admire in Oprah. She certainly inspires me to be a good person, to keep going when things get tough and to stay true to myself. 

Does Oprah inspire you in any way? 

Isla Fisher

Isla is a funny chick. I remember her ditzy ways way back on Home and Away. Moving forward Isla became the star of one of my favourite films ever - Confessions of a Shopaholic. She's another good parent and is married to the ever crazy Sacha Baron Cohen (Alli G, Borat and Bruno) I mean you would have to have a kooky personality to stay married to him..right? 

Olivia Palermo 

When it comes to style Olivia has it and she has it in bucket loads. I don't think I've ever seen her look anything other than tailored and styled to the max. As much as she is a definite style icon her look never verges on slutty or tarty and its that which I admire. Her personality, however, seems to need some work. 

Emma Stone

Ah, Emma. She beautiful isn't she. I love her kooky-ness and her confident persona. I love so many of her films from The Help, Easy A, Spiderman, The Croods, the House Bunny, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past and Crazy, Stupid Love. She inspires me to be OK in my own skin, to let my kooky side out rather than dulling it down and did I say she was beautiful? 

Julianne Moore

At 53 years old Julianne Moore looks simply amazing. I hope to age as beautifully as she does and her hair *wow* envious doesn't cut it. Julianne is also a fab actress and always comes across as being sophisticated and graceful. She was in Crazy, Stupid Love, The Kids Are All Right, The Hours and Jurassic Park. She is also not scared of portraying unique roles and has played both an ugly lady and a lesbian convincingly. 

Kourtney Kardashian

You either love them or hate them. I don't mind the Kardashian's, they work and they work hard. I find their way of working to be very clever and to be fair yes they are selling every part of their life BUT don't we sort of do that as bloggers? My love affair grew with Kourtney in particular when she became a mum. Prior to giving birth to Mason Kourtney really had no idea about parenting, what inspired me was seeing the progression from her being clueless to becoming an absolutely amazing mum. She's protective, caring and can definitely be described as an earth mother. I also admire her relationship and how she doesn't just give up, she like myself believes in sticking out a relationship and working through any problems. 

Jennifer Aniston

I was never a huge Jennifer Aniston fan when Friends was on, I was more of a Phoebe girl. Over the years she has grown on me, she's never slutty, falling out of clubs drunk, selling herself or bad mouthing anyone. Now that she's in her forties she looks hotter than ever. I absolutely love Wanderlust, Horrible Bosses, The Switch and Bounty Hunter too so that probably cemented my love for her. She also has gorgeous skin and hair, I would love to have as clear skin and as glossy hair as she does one day. 

Jessica Alba

Founder of The Honest Company  and huge film star Jessica Alba is my girl crush because she is an inspirational, excellent mother and has a similar mentality to myself. Jessica Alba started her celebrity career at the tender age of 13. I took note of her when she was in Dark Angel and I grew up wanting to be as kick-ass as she was. When she was in Honey again I felt inspired to go for my dreams. Even now at 34 years Jessica is a true natural beauty and personal inspiration. 

Lauren Conrad

No longer that girls from 'The Hills' Lauren has really done well since leaving the reality TV show. She reminds me of a fifties housewife or even a modern day Martha Stewart, Lauren has an interest in fashion, baking and living the good life. I can totally relate to these interests. 

She always looks impeccable and doesn't rely on using her 'sexy' to get noticed. I really admire Lauren and I'm a regular visitor to her website which holds info on beauty, style, primping, baking and all round lifestyle topics. 

Who do you admire? 


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