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It's Water But Not As You Know It

Micellar water has exploded over the bloggersphere. It has literally gone boom! But unlike most booms, this one is a good reliable boom and one that I completely agree with. I like it when a good product boom but I didn’t always feel this way about Micellar cleansers.

If you’re not sure what the heck I’m on about. Micellar products are water-based cleansers that contain small molecules of oil. These cleaners don't strip the skin and they are so much more gentle than most other cleansers. They don't foam, they don't sting the skin and they feel light on the skin. To be honest they really don’t feel like cleansers at all. That is until you take a look at the gunk filled face pad you've just used to clean your face with.

Most cleansers strip the skin, of course, if you're stripping away the good sebum you're also leaving yourself wide open to fine lines, wrinkles, and production of excess sebum, and no-one likes a sea-bum!

Micellar Water cleansers allow you to glide the pad over your face with no scrubbing or tugging but still leave you with super clean and unclogged pores. I know it all sounds dreamy and make belief and I did think ‘what’s the big fuss? ‘ prior to testing my first Micellar. I am now a full convert to the humble watery product. Here's why.

* I cleaned my face initially on day 1 with REN and found my sensitive Bioderma still got rid of a heap of gunk, that should not have been there.

*Day two I cleansed my skin again as normal, then used Clean & Clears toner (which is quite strong) and Bioderma Sebium STILL managed to get some filth out of my pores. Honestly, I do clean my face.

*Day 3 I used L’Oreals micellar and found I had no stinging. Sometimes my cheeks or chin sting, even with Clean & Clear’s Sensitive cleansers and toners.

* I didn't feel the need to moisturise like normal as most products leave me with that tight skin feeling.

*My combination skin is definitely reverting more to the normal side of things.

*My pimples (hormonal) are clearing up (quicker than they do even with my beloved Etat Pur).

*I love how light and fresh it feels on my skin especially with this awesome weather.

*The lack of fragrance is perfect for non-fragranced face products fans.

I would definitely recommend giving a Micellar a home. The Bioderma products that I thoroughly recommend starting from £3 and the L'Oreal costs a mere £4.99 from Boots. Of course, there is a range of price points but I personally tried these little £3 ones below and they are awesome.

* Purchased Myself *

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