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June 2013 | Empties

I can't believe I didn't publish this in time, it feels like the weeks are just flying by now don't you think? can you believe that's June come to an end already? I've been trying to use up everything I have including the duller boring products. Believe me, I do huff and sigh like a little girl when it comes to using them up. 

I noticed I used a lot of body washes and that may have been due to the gorgeous sunshine we had *sigh* I hope it comes back one day as I'm already bored of this rain and crap weather. 

I promise though that next month's empties will be brighter, more exciting and just better. 

Nourishing Simple Body Wash: It's boring I know. We tend to buy these standard washes so the kiddies and the hairy boy can use them too. I do like the Simple body washes as they're great for shaving with, this is the white creamy 'nourishing' version. 

Refreshing Simple Body Wash: This is the refreshing version and looks clear in the packaging. I prefer this version to the nourishing one. 

Dentinox Shampoo: While waiting for my Nioxin to arrive from Amazon I ran out of shampoo. I didn't want to use normal branded shampoo because my hair needed a little less chemical TLC. Looking through the cupboards I found this Dentinox Cradle Cap shampoo. We use this on the boys as it's gentle but effectively cleans. It also gorgeous - exactly like fresh-pressed roses. 

Right Guard Xtreme Invisible Deodorant: I doubt I will ever use another brand now that I've used this. Most claim to last 24 hours and leave no white marks, they tend to lie! I'm always dealing with minor white marks BUT this does not leave any white marks. Believe me, I've tried to make it leave white marks and It just won't. You can see the test pictures over on my Instagram

Palmolive Men's 2 in 1 Body and Hair Wash: Nope dislike this. Dislike the scent, the lather and the results. This wash again was a last-minute use up because I hate things being wasted. It leaves me feeling dry and gross, hairy boy likes it though but what does he know *rolls eyes*

Sanctuary Spa 30 Day Thermal Trans-Formation: This is a two-part mask. The first sachet is a serum which you apply all over your face. You then add the second cream sachet over the top and your whole face (or where you applied the initial serum) starts to get warm. My skin felt super soft and clean after using this. I love it and will be purchasing this in the full size. 

Naked Butter: I adore this. I'm so gutted it's done and need to get down to Boots sharpish. This has a balmy-silky feeling on the skin and keeps my tootsies feeling soft for at least half a day. Most creams and butter last a few hours max for me. 

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara: I forgot I had this and wanted to use it up before it expired. This is a dark brown mascara and is ideal for natural day wear, lengthening your lashes without clumping. Will I buy it again? Probably not. Although it works really well I'm too much of a brand jumper to stick around. 

2 X L' Somme Institute Double Defense Step 5: This is a lightweight, waterproof lotion with SPF 30+ that offers protection while moisturising. 

2 X L'Somme Institute Nourishing Cleanser Step 1: Non-foaming cleanser. Cleanses without irritation or drying. I would purchase this but it's so damned expensive. 

2 X L'Somme Institute Transport Step 2: Not sure why it's called 'transport' but this is basically an exfoliator. Like all of the L'Somme Institute products, I would buy them in a heartbeat but they're a tad out of my price range. 

2 X L'Somme Institute Serum Step 3: A stabilised form of Vitamin C that works to improve elasticity and smooth fine lines. There is more than enough in 1 sample to do a few days worth of applications. 

2 X L'Somme Institute A-Bomb Step 4: The A-Bomb is the anti-ageing moisturiser. It's quite liquid but feels lovely and soft on the skin. 

Kids Anti-bac Hand Foam: I am a tad OCD when it comes to bugs so hand wash in our household is a must. With my sons being quite young I always opt for these type of ones. This smells like summer berries and is easy to apply. I find most anti-bac hand washes, gels and lotions smell too alcoholic. 

What empties did you have this month? 


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