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KIKO :: Barely There Beauty

I like to colour in, I also badly want the Ryan Gosling colouring in book and the YSL Rive Gauche colouring book. Is that sad? When you grow up the things you liked as a child seem to stop being apart of your life. KIKO are bringing it all back with these lip markers, it's colouring in-for your lips. 

The KIKO lip marker comes in 8 matte shades, the one I have is shade 'true red' and while it's not exactly a 'true red' it definitely makes it effortless to get a barely there natural lip look. As much as I think this is a fantastic product - it does have one flaw-take a peek. 

Can you see the flaw? My hand is bare with no moisturiser, primer or well-anything on it. This product on a completely naked base bleeds easily into the furrows of the skin. While this is a flaw, there are also lots of easy ways to combat this problem. You can blot your skin prior to application, use a nude lip liner, use a skin primer or even a nude chapstick. These will stop the bleeding. 

You can also build up the colour with multiple layers and you can turn the matte results glossy- with a fab lip gloss. These are affordable costing only £6.90 and they act as more of a lip stain rather than a lip wash as they are really pigmented. 

Colours range from beige, pinks and reds- all the way to sultry purple tones. I really want to test out the beige as I think it would look super gorgeous as a basic barely there-just got out of bed look. 

You can check out the range HERE


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