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KIKO | Detoxifying Elastic Scrub

Elastic scrub? say what.... 

What exactly is an elastic scrub and what the heck does it do? this is exactly what was going through my mind when this arrived. Upon opening it my mind started to wonder to 'awww so pretty' The packaging on this product is genius and so different. 

The detoxifying scrub comes in a generous 300 ml - green plastic tub. I for some strange reason am so in love with this tub. It's green, it's shiny and it's re-usable. I love good packaging. It gets even better though because when I opened it up here's what was found. 

Whoa, bright blue scrub! It really makes me think of tropical shores and happiness. That's it, this scrub makes me happy. The scrub itself removes dead cells and impurities and is a great pre-fake tan scrub. Unlike some other scrubs, the 'bits' actually dissolve and the scrub turns creamy and wash like. My skin feels really clean and smooth after using it and I found that it doesn't leave me with that horrible taught feeling some products leave you with.  

The fragrance is yummy, fresh and has definite unisex notes. I love that it doesn't contain nasty parabens and is formulated to ensure there is minimal risk of allergic reactions. You can't say KIKO don't care about their customers. 

The product when massaged into the skin stimulated microcirculation, this promotes healthy blood flow which detoxes the skin, vitamin c and marine salts help to drain away impurities. I've only been using this product for 1 week so it's too early to tell what effect it's having overall but, I love it, I really do. My family have been warned to keep their mitts off as it's mine - all mine. Cue evil laugh *muahahaha*

You can find this product over on the KIKO website it costs £12.90 and will last for a long - long time. 


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  1. would you use it on your face?

    1. Hi,
      I do use this on my face. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean and doesn't dry it out. The scrubby parts actually dissolve so you can scrub your face without over scrubbing it.

      It's an amazing product.

      Elyse x

  2. would you use it on your face?


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