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Lauren's Way Review

Hey lovelies, 

I wanted to show you some of Lauren's Way goodies that I am currently testing for you guys. You may be reading this and looking at the pics above thinking 'oh gawd not more celebrity products' whereas some of you may have already tried them. Some of you may be looking at the lady in the main image thinking ' who the heck is she?' while others may know exactly who she is.  

The items are all by 'Lauren's Way.' The celebrity pictured is, of course, Lauren Goodyear from 'The Only Way is Essex.' To be fair I have never watched it (slaps wrists), I do know who Lauren is though from seeing her in magazines and hearing all about her from my friends and family. 

Celebrity name aside I wanted to put these to the test, basing each review on how well they perform, are they worth the money and would I go buy re-buy them. I received the big bun, mousse tanning kit and the 2 sets of lashes. Here are my opinions on each of them.  

The big bun costs £9.95 and comes in three colours, light for blonde hair and darker brown for of course dark hair and finally a black for black hair. I received the blonde however. My hair tends to be super fine and flyaway I would love, love, love to have lush-thick hair but I simply don't. I struggle to cover a small bun even with back-combing so I couldn't test this out myself. My cousin did test it out and she looked enviously gorgeous *sigh* I would love to wear my hair like Lauren does in the main image. 

This kit costs £22.95 and includes 4 products. 50 ml darker than dark mousse, Glam tan, moisturiser and body polish. This also has the added bonus items which are the makeup bag it comes in and the applicator mitt.  The tan itself applies easily and doesn't have that typical horrid fake tan scent, it dries to a natural dark sun-kissed colour. Even I loved the shade and I am naturally milk bottle white with clearly visible blue veins. 

These cost £6.95 and are apart of the daytime lash collection. I personally have never been able to wear false lashes. My lashes are just so short and sparse that I do end up looking like a drag queen. I was more than willing to test these out as I do hope to find the 'perfect' lashes one day. So I popped one on to show you the difference, take a look...

The daytime lash is on the [photo's] right hand side and the lashes on the [photo's] left is my natural lash-with a fair amount of my favourite lengthening mascara on. I don't look at all like a drag queen do I? I did have to really shorten the length - but then who doesn't when it comes to false lashes. I actually LOVE these lashes and I'm so pleased to have found 'natural' wearable lashes for a change. 

These ones are apart of the night eyelash collection. They are also £6.95 and are a thicker-fuller false lash in comparison to the day lashes. If you love to wear lashes then you will love these, unfortunately these were a bit too full on for my face and just didn't look right. My cousin however they look amazing. I'm thinking I maybe being to hard on my lashes and overall false lash looks but you never know. 

Overall I am thoroughly impressed with the whole collection. Yes, some may not have suited me but that's not going to apply to everyone. If you love fake tan and lashes then I definitely recommend this brand. It does what it says it's going to and then some. If you're a lash novice like me I would recommend the day wear lashes for sure. 

Have you tried Lauren's Way yet? What was your brand verdict? 


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