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Miners LuXe Lips Glosses

Miners will be launching five new Luxe Lips creme glosses. I'm not 100% sure when they are due to be released but it should be possible in the next month or so. So what's Luxe' about them? 

Can you see this picture? Look at that colour saturation. Normally glosses in their packaging show some sort of translucency but these don't at all. The pigmentation in these cream glosses is simply outstanding especially with Miners being a low-cost brand. Personally, I have yet to find another range of glosses that offer this amount of colour and a range of glosses that applies so easily in one swatch at their price. 

These five cream glosses will cost £3.99. I would have expected this product to have cost at least three times the price in a blind test. Although the packaging is high end, no flimsy crackable plastics here - it's the colour pigmentation that does it for me, the range of colours also are suitable for all skin tones, cosmetics preferences and ages.  

Here's a quick swatch of the colours. These swatches have been swiped only once, they haven't been re-applied or loaded up excessively either...

Duchess  / Beauty Queen / Uptown Girl / It Girl / Material Girl

Kapow! The colour's amazing right? The shades vary from corals, nudes, pink and all the way to the vibrant carmine pinky reds. I'm not sure which is my favourite. 

The colours are: 

*Material Girl: This is the super bright carmine tone. Equal amounts of red and pink with a hint of fuchsia for good measures. 

*It Girl: This is the girly pink bubblegum shade. It's so pretty and I think this will be the best seller of the bunch. 

* Duchess: A vibrant reddish orange-based shade. 

*Beauty Queen: This is the nude of the bunch. It verges on a nude-mauve tone but it's so effortless and ideal for daytime natural wear. 

*Uptown Girl: This is the orange shade that all of the MAC Morange fans should definitely try out. 

See what I mean about there being colour to suit everyone. Hubster asked me today which was my favourite, I couldn't answer it. It's like opening you're wardrobe and being forced to choose. These Luxe lip glosses are my lip wardrobe equivalent. The nudes fab for those natural effortless days, the orange is great for the weekend, the rest are just fab for any time of the day. 

Could you choose a favourite? They will be available on www.minerscosmetics.co.uk when they launch. 


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