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Nioxin | 4 Weeks In

Nioxin create products that benefit those with thinning hair or hair loss.  After the birth of each of my sons, I did go through some hair loss. With each pregnancy and birth, it seemed to get worse. After I had my second son I had visible hair loss mainly around the back of my hair and around the ear section.  I felt absolutely gutted, I was fearful of losing my hair and I literally tried everything to try and combat the hair loss. 

It's normal for women to lose hair after having a baby. Around three months or so post-birth the body seems to shed itself of excess weight, hormones and hair. Maybe it's the disruption and the lack of sleep that comes around that point that seems to worsen it - I'm not entirely sure. All I know is that my hair was coming out in clumps-daily. 

Eventually, it eased off and re-grew but it was a seriously scary moment, a moment of vanity yes I know but when you have completely lost your figure and a sense of who you 'are' it seems you want to hold on to what you do have at that given moment. 

After my third son my health declined. I won't get in to the ins and outs but hormones have definitely played a major part. My hair still comes out in clumps and you can clearly see my scalp. It's scary for sure which is why I wanted to test out Nioxin. 

I didn't receive this for free or a a PR product I wanted to make that clear from the get-go. I actually purchased this from Amazon as they seem to have the best prices. This kit is the system 4 kit, made for visibly thinning, chemically treated - fine hair. It retails at £28.99 but I did get mine for around £20 including postage. 

The kit includes three product - Cleanser (Shampoo), scalp revitaliser (Conditioner) and a scalp Treatment. There are so many comments over on their site and Facebook about how you actually use these products which is crazy as you basically use these the same as your would your normal shampoo, condition and treatment products. If you are using these or any hair care treatments what I will say is to be sure to leave it on for around 3 minutes - this is just so it has time to get in to the hair and work it's magic. 

In the first week, I really didn't expect to see any difference. I did though. I noticed that less hair would fall, normally when I brushed my hair or moved it around and even when I washed it, I would have clumps of hair-visible clumps. This gradually reduced with daily washing to around 3 hairs falling maximum. I was on a high already. 

Week Two, I noticed my hair seemed fuller and bouncy. Midway through the week, I did have more hair falling than in the first week. I was starting to think it was no longer working but wanted to persevere so I could really give you a good review. 

Week Three, it seems that my week two hair fall might have been due to a being ill. Week three has started and ended with no extra falling hair. My hair is definitely a fuller feeling and more healthy, I had hoped I could go from daily washing to washing every two to three days but I've not sadly. With fly-away hair, my roots do tend to get oily quickly, hence the daily washing. 

Week Four was pretty much the same as week three. I've heard some say to give the kit at least two months. I still have product left so I will keep working my way through it, I may give it a break to see if my hair reverts back to falling like it use to. If it does then I'd definitely recommend Nioxin. I'm not entirely sure if it's the Nioxin or a placebo effect? It smells minty and herbal and maybe, just maybe it's the minty tingle that's doing it? Maybe it's due to it being a gentle more natural product and my hair is no longer being stripped with nasty chemicals? 

I have definitely had less hair falling out, my hair is definitely healthier and it's definitely feeling thicker than normal. Is it worth £20-£29 per month? I'm not 100% sure... yet! 

I do have a gripe however with the hair treatment, it leaves my hair 'crispy' it literally has to be put on right before drying and styling or it feels gross. There are so many reviews saying the same thing so Nioxin if you read this please change the formulation of the treatment. 

Have you tried Nioxin? What were your opinions? You can purchase Nioxin from their website HERE. Most good salons also now sell Nioxin and of course, you can get yours like I did from Amazon HERE


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