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One Moment With One Direction?

Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn and Niall are the five handsome chaps that make up One Direction. We in the UK know them as the boy group that was put together at X-Factor and, in the USA you guys know them as the 'oh ma gerrrddd it's those sexy guys from that band'. 

It's fair to say that One Direction have BLOWN up! They seem to be putting the Biebs to shame and in all honesty I think they will over take Justin Bieber's success by a mile. So what's next on the cards for these hard working lads? 

They are currently in the middle of their 'Take Me Home' tour and are in the USA. For the last year they have been working with Firmenich. Firmenich  is a huge fragrancing company that brought us the likes of Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj and Flora by Gucci. 

The fragrance will be called 'One Moment' named after a song from their 'Up All Night' album. I'm not sure if I'll personally be jumping on this as the notes don't wow me, but I did kind of feel like that about Wonderstruk by Taylor Swift-Which I now adore. 

The top notes are; redcurrants, wild berries and pink grapefruit, coupled with softer middle floral notes of frangipani, freesia and jasmine which all lie on a bed of powdery musk's, sheer woods and white patchouli. 

It all sounds a bit blah doesn't it? I'd have loved to have seen some amber or sandalwood in that base giving it more of a feminine, sexy depth. Juicy notes do nothing for me unless they are coupled with a strong floral unisex note such as Neroli or Vetiver and I'd have also loved to have seen a bolder fruity note such as apple or blackberry. The soft powdery musk's tend to not have enough throw and the white patchouli and sheer woods can 'at times' turn a bit granny on my skin. Oh what the heck you know that I am going to test it, who am I kidding? 

The packaging will feature the bands faces and be mainly pale pink (love the colour) and the bottle is to look like a cut gemstone. It has a silver crown with a pink mesh flower which, in my opinion looks like a girly Mohawk. I'm thinking I may like this bottle better than the fragrance but we shall see. What do you lovelies think of this bottle? a tad too cliche? 

I may be eating my words come it's release so I will have my humble pie on order. The release of One Moment is due around August 25th at Harrods and September 9th everywhere else. I think the US are trying to obtain licencing for the same dates. 

Will you be sharing 'One Moment' with One Direction? 


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