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Oriflame | 2FX Over Black Mascara

William Shakespeare said 'The eyes are the window to our soul'

If that's true I know I want mine to look happy and beautiful-what about you guys? The easiest way to brighten your peepers is by using mascara and of a little dot of nude highlighting eyeshadow in the corner of your eyes to make them look wider and more awake. 

My eyelashes, however, are my bug-bear. You may have read this a few times now but I genuinely wish I could have luscious thick long lashes, my sons and husband do-it really isn't fair *stomps feet*. My lashes are short, sparse and have a tendency to fall quite easily. I don't normally review mascara's- scratch that I do test them out but many don't quite make the scrupulous cut to the blog. I think there has maybe been three product top that has wowed me, the first was the YSL mascara, the second was Artdeco's mascara and now Oriflame's 2FX Over Black Mascara. 

What I love about this particular mascara is that it performs exceptionally well. The mascara is more fluid than some high street brands, this ensures even coverage on all lashes including the teeny tiniest. It also has completely innovative awesome packaging which allows you to pick either length or volume. 

Here let me show you...

The first option is the '1FX' this gives you the length. The brush is less compacted with product and allows you to coat each lash giving you the look of long lashes. 

The '2FX' is the one that will give you the long, sexy luscious lashes. This is the same brush but fully loaded with product, the bristles make sure your lashes are coated in blacker than black product as well as lengthening them too. 

Here are my peepers kapowing! Normally I can't photo my lashes because they just don't show. You can see from this picture that they are lengthened, I could even touch my eyelids when I looked up (never normally happens) you can see there is no clumping, smudging or anything untoward going on. 

Oriflame 2FX Over Black Mascara costs £6.95 at the moment, it will cost £9.95 normally and it is a limited product so be quick guys. You can pick it up over Oriflame website. 

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