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Oriflame Studio Gel Eyeliner

Sexy eyes are a woman's weapon, aren't they? Come on admit it, you've at one point given someone a smoulder or two. When you're putting on your face do you opt for the sexy flicks or liner? I rely on the liner as a way to make me look awake alive. My eyes without a liner of some sort tend to look tired, dull and well a bit pathetic if I'm being honest. 

My current readers know how much I adore liner and I do tend to wear either Artdeco or Illamasqua as liners or a dark eyeshadow pressed along the lash line and so there is no gap between my liner and lashes. As a short, stumpy-spidery lash girl I always have a skin gap unless I use a good liner. 

I read a while back in a magazine that the goddess of smouldering eyes - Angelina Jolie uses Kajal sticks as her secret weapon. Kajal at that point wasn't very well known and even today it's only just making its way out of the broom closet. 

Kajal is a product that is typically shaped like a crayon with the same fine point. It's highly pigmented, more so than your typical kohl liners and tends to be soft and workable, this is great if you love your deep precise lines and also a softened sexy kitten eye that has been blended. 

The new Oriflame gel liner I feel works like a potted kajal stick. Although it's marketed as a gel liner it doesn't resemble a gel or a cream. This product is made to last at least 24 hours and I can vouch for that claim because I put it on yesterday and since putting it on I've been out during the day, been up until 5 am yesterday with a very sickly son and I've had 2 baths where I have washed my face on both occasions. Here was my photo of said kitten flicks a mere 5 hours ago. 

Still going strong. It's not as dark of course through washing and daily wear but you can still clearly see the definition and that I've got liner on. I didn't put mascara on because I wanted to show you what the liner looks like - rather than it being darkened with mascara. 

The eyeliner comes in a cute but chic pot and has its own little dainty brush. At first, I was thinking there was no way my 'sausage' fingers would be able to use it but, I was so wrong. See you only need a teeny amount of product and the slant on this brush allows you to apply in one swipe. 

Here are some swipe-swatches of the liner. I've made a few lines using varied amounts of products. I've also used the teeny point, the full width and the full length to show you the variations of lines you can get. 

I am hooked. I hope they bring out a brown tone for daily wear and a green would be awesome too (Oriflame if you are by any chance reading this, please bring out a brown). It normally costs £7.95 but this studio gel liner is on offer for an affordable £5.95 guys. 

You can pick on up by clicking over to the Oriflame website. 


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