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Perfect Festival Style.

Festival Fashion

Glastonbury's on right now and I'm sitting home. Rather than feeling poop about it I decided to do some perfect, festival outfit styling on the couch with some music ambiance *smiles* in the background. 

Charles Clinkard's are holding a blogger competition at the moment and this is the perfect way to scratch my festival itch while doing some imaginary online shopping. If you're a blogger you can find the deets on the competition HERE

I may not be trudging the soggy muddy fields but if I was, I'd be wearing these navy adjustable Hunter boots from Charles Clinkard. I do love the coloured versions but there's just something about navy that screams classy - as classy as wellies can be that is, when you're getting muddy do it with Hunter. 

I love dresses. I would wear one every single day if I could and the only thing that's stopped me is the thought of people talking. I live in a small town, I would get strange looks. I may just decided to do it, turn it in to a blogger challenge at some point possibly after the summer. Getting back on track I would describe my personality and ultimately my style as being eclectic and bohemian. I love the just chucked together look of boho, the mish-mash of colours, textures and prints are what attract me - Boho never looks too done and just seems to transfer throughout each season easily. I like easy fashions and I like fashion that isn't wasted after a month or two.  

I opted for this t-shirt styled a-line dress from River Island because it is so cute, the primary colours work amazingly with the navy Hunter boots and although it's very 'pretty' it's not too girly. With this type of dress you can really take it from day to night  - sunshine to rain. Teaming it with plimsolls or skyscraper heels in the sun and chunky tights and boots in the rain. 

When your getting your festival on you really want to pack lightly, stay comfortable and just have fun. The accessories where kept minimal, the tassel across-the-body bag is great for keeping your personals items safe and your hands free for a beer or two. The dainty floral crown ties in with the boho style and the nail varnish is a simple way to tie your look together without having to continually re-apply.  In the evening you could wrap up with a tassel kimono from H&M's or a slouchy knit cardigan. 

So if you're at Glastonbury or plan to head over there I hope you have a ton of fun. What's your festival style guys? 

You can visit Charles Clinkard's HERE


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