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Quiz Outfit Wishlist


PVC Biker Jacket £49.99
Feather Necklace £4.50
Bangles £13.00
Beige Caged Flats £24.99
Green & Blue Tie Dye Split Dress £24.99

Quiz recently moved into our local shopping centre but due to high costs (greedy shopping centre) there have been more and more shops closing, unfortunately, Quiz was one of those shops. Our local shopping centre effectively has become a ghost town and because of that, I rely on online shopping more and more. 

I always found Quiz to be a bit hit or miss a few years back but over the last 12 months, their collections have become more fluid and relevant. They hit each seasons style with products that suit all body shapes and their sizing is generally correct - unlike some high street brands that leave you having to size up ( I'm looking at you Topshop). 

Having a look at their current wares over on Quiz Clothing I knew that the items above would be getting popped straight on to my wishlist. Classic shapes in stylish materials and patterns, I know these can easily be mixed up and taken into Autumn. 

You know how much I love to 'ying-yang' my clothing, mixing feminine products such as the dainty sandals with diamante accessories with the more masculine products such as the faux leather jacket and tie-dye effect maxi dress. Ying-yanging your clothing always leads to a balanced style. It always means you can mix the items with other pre-purchased wardrobe staples and normally the masculine items can be transferred into future seasons. 

This outfit would also look awesome with some ballet flats and a denim jacket rocking that faux double-denim look and would equally look rocker chic by adding some studded booties and some rough rock pendants and multi-length chain necklaces. An up-do would leave you looking chic and as for your face and nails- anything goes. Vamp it up or leave your makeup au-natural and dewy. 

What do you think of this look guys? Is tie-dye something you rock or plan to rock? 

You can visit Quiz by clicking HERE


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