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Ralph Lauren Resort 2014

Ralph Lauren 2014. For those who aren't common with the term resort, it can be described as the designers pre-show and what used to be called 'cruise'. Over the last few seasons, I've noticed more designers holding actual shows rather than just showings by appointment. I've also noticed that the collections are becoming more feminine which is great. I remember a few seasons back each piece was definitely verging on the more masculine androgyny which was ridiculous for a girl's girl.

Ralph Lauren held two shows that were filled with a sense of spring with lots of delicate feminine blooms such as pink peonies and white roses. The images above only show a small selection of the outfits on show. These were my top picks although I don't think there was a piece I didn't love or see as being workable.
 I would describe the collection as having a definite 'ballet chic' theme - Feminine, floaty and ultimately elegant. You could see the similarities between the clothing and the blooms that were used to decorate the shows.  

Each piece was made with the most luxurious materials; silks, leather, cashmere and georgette materials all cut so that you look tailored, structured and put together. Pinks, lavender, black and white were the colours of choice s. Make sure you’re keeping that in mind guys when you're purchasing your next capsule wardrobes. 

For this collection, Lauren wanted to make everything simple, delicate and chic.  He also wanted to make sure that the collection was transferable between seasons. So you can wear it in summer and then team it with an awesome coat and accessories for fall.

Ralph said  “I wanted to show more of the things that sometimes don’t get shown,” “Sometimes, we have collections that we don’t really promote and they sort of dissipating, and we had a lot of things in there that we really liked, and things that were ahead of the moment. ''I have to fill the stores and keep them stimulated,” he said. “It’s a process that I’ve learnt because of having my own stores. So, designing these collections, I’m hearing the voice of the retailer, whether they work with you or not.''

What’s your opinion of this 2014 resort? I personally was swooning from the get-go.


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