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Seche | World's Finest Polish

Would you believe me if I told you the swatches above where 1 coat with no base or top coat? I wouldn't believe me either but I can tell you I'm not lying. The shine is outstanding and the colour just so creamy and opaque. 

I haven't ventured into the world of 'Seche' until trying these polishes. These were purchased myself and not sent for consideration. I actually purchased these over on buyapower which is a co-buying site. Basically the more co-buyers the lower the price. These three polishes retail at around £9-£9.99 and I eventually got them for a bargainous (it's a work ok) £11.50 for all 3.  

The colours are Portobello, Coral and Snapdragon. Portobello is the creamiest nude-mushroom tone and is the perfect colour to suit all skin tones. Of course, depending on your skin tone it may resemble more of a nude and vice-versa it may look more mushroom on other skin tones. Snapdragon is a hot pink creamy lacquer, it reminds me of a kids bubblegum. Coral is well, just that... Coral. I wished they had come up with something more unique. It reminds me of a tropical creamy guava tone. 

I am just hooked, to be honest. I can't wait to see where Seche take their polishes over the next few years. 

You can purchase these from Seche or head to Buyapower and Look Fantastic have a 3-for-2 offer on

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