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Shine Like A Diamond With Redken

Redken announced the launch of their Diamond Oil haircare line. Launching in May in the US, Redken UK on Twitter announced that we would be hearing more about the launch this side of the pond very soon. 

The collections latest innovations aim to restore shine, vibrancy and health while making damaged hair three times stronger and twice as shiny. I'm loving these statements because my hair is weak, dull and the bane of my life. The line is especially suited to those with damaged hair, frizzy ends or hair that is lacklustre but, it's also a fantastic way to maintain healthy long hair so really is a do all kind of hair care line. 

The formula contains Redken's new shine complex. What the hecks a shine complex you might ask? The shine complex is a fancy term for their special blend of silicone-free oils. This blend features natural apricot, coriander oils and camelina. Camelina contains a heap of linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid, up to ten times more than vegetable oils so it really is a great fatty acid and ingredient for the hair. Camelina oil is also soothing and especially suited to sensitive scalps and skin types. If you have psoriasis, dandruff or eczema then you can be safe in the knowledge that these products will care for your skin and scalp.  

The camelina and apricot oils fill the gaps in the intra-cellular layers of the hair maximising shine, smoothness and strength while increasing flexibility which reduces split ends and broken hair.

The coriander oil forms a protective barrier on the hair surface, locking out humidity and harmful elements, reducing or eliminating that frustrating mid-afternoon frizz many of us bear witness too. The collection itself is made up of a shine Shampoo, Conditioner, Deep Facets oil intensive treatment and two silicone-free oils. 

There are two variations of Diamond Oil. This is the Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine Intense. It's a concentrated leave-in hair oil especially suitable for hair that is courser or more damaged than standard hair. The glass bottle and unique dropper help to dispense the rich, nourishing oil one drop at a time, either before shampooing, drying or after styling to smooth the hair. 

This is the Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine hair oil - standard variation. This is also a concentrated leave-in hair oil product and is suitable for all hair types.  Again this uses the innovative dropper system. I'm fond of the dropper idea, I have in the past went to use my hair oils only to spill them all over my outfits or floor. Oil is really a beggar to get out of fabrics, believe me, been there, done that got the oil-stained t-shirt. 

Having used hair care oils in the past most good ones do not leave your hair looking greasy or heavy. Redken wanted to make sure that their blend of oils did the same. The oils are supposed to be lightweight but still packing a huge hidden punch against damaged hair and follicles. 

With these products not yet being released in the U.K officially, it's hard to say what they will cost. I am really just guessing but I think the oils will cost £25-£28. I will be sure to keep you all updated though. 

Have you used hair oils? which is your favourite?


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