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KIKO || Crackling Mousse Review

This KIKO product aims to cool down the legs. I couldn't wait to try this out as I do suffer from tired feet and legs easily. I really want to focus on leg care, I've found that due to the masses of hormones I'm currently receiving my legs have turned in to granny legs. 

They've got puffy, veiny and well bumpy. I'm trying to work them out and applying moisturiser daily to reduce any puffiness as well as massaging them to reduce the cellulite, (damn hormones). When I was told about this leg cooling mousse I couldn't wait to try it out for obvious reasons as well as the 'crackling' aspect of the product. I love a good selling point and the packaging is so purdy. 

I've tried crackling products before from Virgin Vie and was seriously disappointed. When I think of crackling I think of popping candy or space rocks. I want super CRACKLE, not just a pathetic pop. I sprayed some of this mousse into my hand, first of all, to test it out and then sprayed some for you guys to see, here it is. 

You can even see the crackle in this photo, can't you. This mousse crackles like there's no tomorrow and then crackles some more. Here's a pic to show you the fizz. 

It also smells divine. I seriously would snap this up if it was made in to a fragrance. Hubster also came upstairs once I'd applied this to see what was smelling so good. It leaves the skin feeling calm and refreshed, the product also uses 'scented technology'. 

Geranium oil, Blueberry and Escine are all used to promote healthy blood flow, KIKO have also cleverly used purple tonal packaging as it's the colour of spirituality, mental balance and relaxation - Clever little KIKO clogs aren't they. 

I love this product but what I will say is don't use it on any cuts as it will sting. KIKO Light Legs Crackling Mousse costs £12.90 for 150 ml's. 

Do you guys like crackling products? 


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