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Unicorn Barf with Nails Inc

Beaded Polishes

Nails Inc just released their newest polishes. Aimed to give you an embellished look these 'beaded polishes' contain a base colour and then what I thought would be beads. The range comes in this white colour which is called Belgravia, a royal blue which is called Chancery Lance, a red called Hampstead and a light turquoise tone called Covent Garden. 

Like the rest of the Nails Inc catalogue this release costs £12 and as soon as I received the email saying they were available I had to purchase straight away-figuring these would sell pretty damn quickly. I'm a huge fan of OPI's sand textures so did think these beaded polishes would be similar, possibly a little chunkier but similar all-the-same. 

I opted for the Belgravia because I have so many similar tones to the rest of the range. I also figured that a white is a great multi-use tone and could be used to add embellished tips and to rock a monochrome look. Here's the swatch to the polish. 

Belgravia is of course on the right hand side. This is two coats of the polish. In the bottle it looks to have hexagonal glitter pieces and multi tonal pieces- no beads or beaded bits as far as I can see. I had hoped that this would transfer to the nails so I kept adding layers hoping for it to somehow improve. It didn't. 

 Adamant I was going to make this damn polish work I then added it over a darker base. It still didn't look any better. 

Still being pig-headed that this damn polish would work. I added it over a light textural polish. It did look slightly better but still resembled something a unicorn would spew up doesn't it. This polish has really let me down. I know some may love it-as a textured nail lover I surprisingly don't, but know that the rest of the range may fair better. I'm not willing to part with £12 a bottle to test those out so let me know if you get on any better guys. You can find it HERE


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