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Kim Kardashian is like Marmite, some hate her and some love her. I am somewhere in between, I don't know her to hate her and I don't believe in getting jealous or stalkerish so the love part is out of the question. There is one thing I do think however, Kim is one gorgeous looking lady. Her skin always seems to look so luminous even in those naked-faced post-workout photo's (if that was me I'd be red, shiny and frizzy-haired). 

Kim recently posted on her Instagram and subsequently was shown on Kourtney and Kim Take Miami getting a 'new' type of procedure. The procedure has been dubbed the 'Vampire Facial' and has been around for many years making it actually not so new. The vampire facial uses your own blood to help regenerate collagen. The blood is then injected back in to your own face. Yuck. 

Many commented hateful comments over on Kim's Instagram and Twitter. Mostly about her being a terrible mum (Kim's currently pregnant) and that she's so selfish etc, but what many don't realise is that she wasn't pregnant at the point of this being filmed for the show. I suppose it's the whole thing about finding out both sides or even don't judge a book by it's cover.

Long story short It looked painful, Kim even said in the show that she would never get a facelift if it felt anything like the Vamp facial did. 

As much as it grossed me out, it did seem to be over quite quickly and her skin looked fantastic afterward. This got my little brain cogs ticking and I started to investigate some more. 

How Does It Work

Your own blood is spun in a centrifuge - this separates the plasma and platelets. The safe (PRP) Autologous platelet-rich plasma is then re-injected back into the soft tissue areas of the face, similar to how Restylane and Juvederm are injected. This stimulates collagen and slows down aging -helping to improve scarring, wrinkles and gives the skin a youthful texture and volume due to the stem cells on the platelets which produce growth factors. 

Where Does It Work? 

It can be used to treat the face area, neck, and also specifically sunken eyes and darker circles. 

Who Can Get It Done? 

It's not just for celebrities guys. Kim seems to have ignited a huge influx in Vampire Facial purchases but other celebrities do get it done, some even started getting it done well before Kim did. Anna Friel and Dannii Minogue especially love this youthful facial. 

And the legal bit to cover my ass, if you're thinking of getting this done- always, always seek medical advice and do your research. Purchasing the lowest priced clinic is not always the best option. In these cases, Google is your friend as you can read a heap of doctor and clinic-specific reviews. 

I honestly at first hated the idea of this, seeing Kim in so much pain I couldn't understand why anyone would want to do that. However, I think once my needs that extra help this treatment may be one I would consider prior to doing Botox. It seemed to be a quick treatment and her skin did look awesome. 

Will you be jumping on this vampire treatment? 


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