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Vitage || Natural Mineral Eyeshadows

Eyeshadows have a way of either making you look flawlessly put together or horribly undone. I still think I have a fear of blue eyeshadows from my youth and seeing Pat Butcher and her horrible blue eyelids. As a general daytime look I tend to opt for the nude shades varying up to the darker tones such as plums, midnight shades and khaki. 

I'm not scared of colour don't get me wrong, as I get older I find that the more natural looks work best in my busy life. I do enjoy brighter shades at the weekend, celebrations and just when I'm feeling down right kooky. 

When I found out about these vibrant but natural (it makes sense in my head) mineral eye shadows I had to test them out. I'm generally let down by some brands colours. In the palette and posts they tend to look amazing, swipe them on the eye and they look bland and washed out. I find it hard to blend some high street brands and try to make them work by adding a little oil or water is a big no-no. 

However, I hadn't tried mineral eye shadows up until recently. You may remember my Pur Minerals Beautiful Creature collaboration palette. I think I've used it every day since receiving it, it's also a mineral based and I just can't speak any-more highly of it. I was secretly hoping Vitage would work in a similar way. 

The first shadow is the Vitage Cool yellow, it's a gorgeous buttercup tone with the slightest shimmer. I've tried to not blend it too much so you can see it but blended it just so fresh and pretty - it definitely gives me a more awake look. If you dislike the light shade you can mix it with a wet eye shadow brush for a more vibrant colour. 

This is the Crystal Green shade. Look how beautiful it is. This looks amazing on the skin and has a lot of shimmer and silvery undertones. As a green-hazel(ish) eye tone girl this really brightens them up and I do wear it as a full eye shadow and also wet as an vibrant eye-liner. Of course it looks brighter wet, I really need to add those swatches don't I. 

There are five summery shades in this range. Cool Yellow and the Crystal Green that I've shown you and also Pretty in Pink, Patina Green and Blue Delight. The Pretty in Pink is next on my list - I can't get enough of pink shades as they can be used for most things.  

They each cost £14 and are suitable for all seasons and can be taken from day to night easily with a little bit of water - or mix with some primer and apply. The pink I'd imagine could be used on the lips, cheeks and as a highlighter also.  The eye shadows feel soft and silky on the skin and their ability to blend is fantastic, I'd imagine these would give an amazing peacock look if you chose two opposite colours, the blue and green or blue and pink. 


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