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Vivienne Westwood Has Smelly Shoes

I've debated how to start this post and it has literally taken me all day. I thought I'd start by telling you how awesome the shoes are but to be fair, awesome isn't strong enough a word to explain the flitter flapper going on in my heart at this moment in time. 

A few weeks ago I had only vaguely heard of the Melissa branded shoes. They are popular with so many celebrities-namely Dita Von Teese, Agyness Deyn, Fearne Cotton and Kate Moss. Basically all of the hipsters. 

I have wanted jelly shoes since they made their return at the beginning of the year. I use to own at least 3 pairs when I was younger, I remember my favourite ones had dainty little wedge heels (kiddy sized wedges) and were transparent with gold glitter flecks- they were truly beautiful. With the snow being a pain in the butt they were seriously a no-go. 

That is until the Kurt Geiger sale happened and I found these perfect Sweet Ultragirl nudes for a bargainous £19! 

So you're probably wondering why Vivienne Westwood has smelly shoes right? Vivienne Westwood collaborated with Melissa to produce a range of shoes in the typical Westwood style but with a Melissa twist. They are all made of the ju-ju plastic of course but there is a twist. 

All of the shoes have been infused with a bubblegum-candy fragrance. They literally smell like sweet childhood candy. My bedroom also now smells like candy and this means that Vivienne Westwood's shoes smell... 

Like candy. 

I am hooked. I adore shoes but there is rarely a line that leaves me wanting more all in one go. I literally adore every single shoe in their collection. From the flats, brogues, cowboy boots, skyscraper heels and party styles. I want them all. 

I mean look at this sexy shape, colour and just overall sexy shoe. What's not to love? You can get the Melissa shoes from NonNon and Kurt Geiger


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