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I've been married now for coming on ten years. I was always one of those ladies who was adamant that I would NOT be getting wed at any point. I didn't see the point in all that fuss for one bit of paper, that going on statistics would lead to divorce and ultimately heart-ache. 

I did have a fear of having my heart broken for sure, I still do but not from my husband. As I get older I find that I am becoming softer, romantic and empathetic towards well, basically everything.  As a parent, my heart breaks daily at the thought of my sons getting hurt, when they cry because they have fallen or when they tell me that I'm the best mummy in the world. 

I realise now that heartbreak makes us tougher, that being said it doesn't make it any easier to go through. So on that note, I want to say to anyone reading this- if you were like the old me, not believing in love, not believing in marriage for fear of having your heart broken then put it aside. Give in to your emotions and jump right in. 

Being in love, having something to look forward to and having someone by your side is the greatest *exciting* feeling. It stops us becoming complacent, lazy even. It keeps us healthy and at times on-our-toes. 

So if you're a dreamer, romantic or love go-getter here are some of my top weddings picks to get those cogs working. I've picked my favourites for dresses, accessories and footwear. While you may see items you love you may see others you hate. It's good to have this balance because planning any wedding you need to know definite yes's and definite no's. I've tried to ensure the picks cover the girly girls and the tomboys, the fancier bridezillas and the more boho bridechilla. 

Here they are...
 A Fairyland Mermaid Bridal   Pure Magnolia Couture  Dahlnyc This Vintage Girl  Lemon Wedding Dress | Xiaolizi Ouma | Dress of Shop
Love From Australia Topshop |  River Island | Serendipity Gift Shop | River Island  |  Rocket Dog @ Schuh | Red or Dead | Schuh | Christy NG Shoes

Tre Perle  | Weddings With Flair  | Blue Petyl | Frosted Willow | K is for Kani | Aurum Jewelry | Veiled Beauty |  All For Love Love | Elle Jewels

So will you be taking the leap this year? 


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