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Weleda || Calendula Baby Range

Weleda recently relaunched it's calendula baby care range. It now looks more summery due to the daffodil yellow packaging and it has a cute little lady bird on it too which is so sweet. Weleda are known worldwide for their Eco-friendly and natural based products and I particularly love their Arnica and Almond ranges. 

My middle son who is now six suffers from dry skin and eczema, he takes it from his dad and both of their skins can at time be sensitive. We tried using so many products over the years including Johnson's baby care range, these were also too strong and left red marks.  Finally we found a product that worked by Lush, but then Cooper decided he was bored of it and wanted a newer product. 

For those that don't know, my son blogs over on Cooper in the City. He loves to try new products (mainly stealing mine of course) and then telling me what his opinion is. When he was asked if he wanted to try some Weleda calendula products, he was so excited both because he had been asked to test out the cream - and because he knew all about Weleda from my many purchases beforehand. 

Once his samples arrived we decided that it was only fair that we test them out on the rest of us also (karma and all that). Cooper was more than happy to let us test them as he had all ready smothered himself in the Calendula body lotion. He's so used to applying creams now it's second nature, he squeeled about it smelling yummy and like flowers, he never once did this with Lush's products.  I find his dry area's which are mostly around his neck, arms and leg areas looked softer and calmer very quickly. 

He tested the body lotion for 1 week and then moved on to the body cream. The lotion of course is much thinner than the cream but both smell the same and offer the same benefits.  This range was reformulated and re-packaged as Weleda wanted to ensure they were packing each bottle, with as much calendula as they possibly could.  Did you know Weleda  also grow their own calendula! 

Here are the 2 products we tested out. 

Body Cream Vs Body Lotion

In the long run Cooper preferred the lotion as he found it was easier to apply and absorb where as I preferred the body cream, due to it being thicker and especially good for my tootsies and elbows. I know this is marketed as a baby care range but we're all someones babies aren't we *hehe* 

I was so glad over the weekend that we had this product in the house, especially the lotion. My sons were of course all out playing in the sun, even with a factor 50+ sun cream, they still managed to turn a lovely lobster shade. My youngest son tends to get little blisters from the sun so after their bath I whipped out the caledula lotion, smothered it all over his red bits including his face and ears. Calendula is excellent for sore skins, sun burns and healing wounds as it reduces inflammation and helps to heal. Sure enough, the next morning their faces were back to their perfect smoothness. No blotches, blister type spots trying to rear their ugly heads and best of all no sore sunburned cheeks. 

There are a few products in the Calendula baby range such as the nappy cream, baby oil, face cream, tummy rub and weather protection cream. Prices range from £2.45 for mini sizes up to £12.95 for the gift set. The body lotion and cream that we tested both costs £7.95 and will last us a long time, even with us being a family of 5. 

If you want to try out that range first, I would recommend getting some minis, even if you're going abroad these are excellent products to have in your suitcase to soothe dry skin, bites and stings that you may get along the way. 

Here are the minis. 
Weleda Mini's

There are mini sizes of the nappy change cream, body lotion, face cream and calendula oil. You can also purchase fully fragrance free products but to be honest the fragrance is so very minute and delicate it shouldn't bother any little noses. 

Did you know that this range and Weleda in general are loved by celebrities? Courtney Cox, Jessica Alba, Demi Moore, Fearne Cotton, Dannii Minogue and Gwyneth Paltrow all love Weleda. If it's good enough for them it's good enough for us. 

You can purchase it directly from Weleda or in your local Boots. 


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