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Weleda Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash

I love Weleda and have posted quite a few reviews on their products on this blog. It's one of those brands that continues to amaze me. I hop about from brand-to-brand and product-to-product, when I do I always tend to forget about my Weleda products. I'm not sure why because when I find them again I'm always kicking myself for forgetting. It's really a vicious circle. 

This product is the 'Weleda Wild Rose Creamy Body Wash', it contains organic musk rose oils, as well as organic damask, rose essential oil to care for your skin. The wash itself also contains fatty acids which moisturise and nourish dry and damaged skins while washing away any dead skin cells and daily grime. 

It's suitable for vegetarians and vegans which is always a huge plus in my books. I am an over-protective parent so organic and vegan products are a huge hit in my mummy books. 

I would seriously wear this as a perfume. It smells so feminine and girly but it's not overpowering. My sons like it so this shows you that it's not overly strong and girly. My middle son always spends half of the bath-time sniffing the sponge (He's a fragrance lover). 

You can purchase the full sized 200ml product for £8.95 and a little goes a long, long way in our household. What you would normally use with a cheaper brand would be more than enough to wash 3 children or 2 adults. Don't go overboard with application guys. 

You can get your Weleda fix HERE if you fancied taking a peek at their wares. 


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