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Which Awards || Lush Is Number One

Lush Is Number One.

Lush was established 18 years ago in Poole and has really pioneered a change in the way we think about bath and body products. If you have never visited a Lush store then you must go visit. They offer a range of toiletries and cosmetics, all made fresh and using the best ingredients. Delights available are goodies such as soaps, fizzy bath ballistics, solid shampoos and conditioners, bath melts, and shower jellies - I'm partial to their grass range as it's just so fresh and yummy (well as yummy as a scented shower gel or fragrance can get).

Chances are you've passed a Lush at some point or another, you can normally tell that there is a store nearby before you can even see it. The fragrance tends to float around shopping centres making them smell like a soapy, patchouli olfactory delights.

 Lush have taken eco-friendly to another level and are super strict when it comes to supporting Fair Trade, Community initiatives and ensuring that their products are never tested on animals, normally when you purchase products they will come with minimal packaging or the more preferred option of being 'naked'.  You can normally read about their recent endeavours via their newspaper the Lush Times (available in-store or postal).

Which? Magazine surveyed over eleven thousand people regarding the Lush shops they had visited over the previous six months. Lush scored an incredible 82% based on customer satisfaction and the likelihood that they would recommend the stores to their friends. This result meant that Lush won the award for 'Best Toiletries and Cosmetics Retailer' for a third year.

The director of Lush Paul Wheatley commented by saying: '' We focus on the freshest product, innovation, and excellent customer service and are grateful and proud that our customers have awarded us the top spot for the third consecutive year for doing what we love. We would like to thank all of our staff for their enthusiasm and hard work"

I've always found Lush stores to be incredibly Zen-like. The staffs always seem happy, chilled and full of helpful advice; they also seem to be incredibly child-friendly and love to get my sons involved in fizzing some bath bombs or playing with the window props. Most other stores look at you funny as soon as you walk in with children, checking they aren't being 'too loud', bumping in to anything or touching anything. We have been asked to quieten our sons before or take them outside when in fact they were only talking. Albeit all 3 were excitedly talking at the same time but it definitely caused a huge cause of the mummy hulk. Mummy hulk is not good thing to cause let me tell you.

Well done Lush, let's hope you continue to get top results and win the awards for the next few years. Have you ever shopped in Lush guys? If so, what's your favourite product?


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