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Zooey Deschanel's Style

Ah, Zooey Deschanel, she's such a sweetheart right. She's the kind of girl that everyone wants to secretly be or the kind of girl that people just don't get. I think she's fab, I really do. She's just so unique, her personality is very much like mine in the sense of being quite kooky and different, sort of like a twenties girl stuck in the modern age. She also just seems to be so comfortable in her own skin and rarely ever relies on sexing it up. 

Zooey's style seems to be more of a modern take on vintage. Skirts and dresses cut to a ladylike length, A-line and custom made dresses-sometimes both custom and A-line and cute but colourful cardigans. Zooey's style is very similar to her on-screen persona Jess Faraday who she plays on the hit show New Girl and although the description of her style sounds dismal - she does it really well. 

Although she does wear a heap of feminine outfits she also isn't afraid of bold colours and pattern. It's these qualities that make her style current. She likes to team her outfits with ballet flats or boots and emphasises her best body feature, which is her waist with an array of cute waist-cinching belts. 

I wanted to focus mainly on her daytime style. She does get out clothing from online stores as well as high street brands. Her nightwear, however, is to die for. Bedazzled gowns made with luxury fabrics. These pieces, however, are a little bit more expensive and are deserving of their own separate post.

I blogged about this collection HERE when it was released way back in April. H&M decided to create a conscious collection using recyclable materials - this dress was one of the top sellers. This is just so pretty and I debated on so many occasions whether I should purchase this or not, I decided against it only because I don't have anywhere to wear it.  

The blush tones of this suit Zooey's English rose complexion really well, I can't see what she wears on her feet but I'm 'hoping' it's some super high heel rather than a ballet flat. 

I dislike this outfit so much but, it's true Zooey style probably not at the right time, however. This A-line striped Dolce & Gabbana skirt seems wasted with the full black ensemble. I'd have loved to have even just seen a delicate top, some legs, bold bangles or even some coloured pumps or heels. Just something to give this skirt some more depth and to tie it all together really. 

As much as I dislike the outfit I do like that she stayed true to herself. You're wondering how she stayed true to herself right? Most celebrities feel the need to dress up to every event. Some over-dress and find themselves on the worst dressed lists time and time again, as much as this is dull and boring Zooey didn't feel the need to put on something that wasn't 'her'. She opted for the ladylike, comfortable and feminine outfit that didn't demand the attention of everyone. You go, girl! 

L-O-V-E this dress so much! I am a huge fan of clashing colours and this Kate Spade dress does it oh-so-well. It's the 'Normandy Colorblock dress' and it's just so exotic and feminine that I need it. I NEED IT I tell you! Once again notice where the hemline sits. It shows just the right amount of legs, the right amount of chest and cinches in her teeny waist giving her awesome curves. 

The famous Modcloth Matryoshka dress. I remember clicking 'love' over on Modcloth when this was only being considered via 'be the buyer' over on their site. I love how playful it is with the cute doll print and the blue stops it from becoming childlike. I would personally wear this especially with some white kitten heels and some cute earrings. 

I actually watched this episode of New Girl which is what lead to the light bulb idea of this post. The skirt section of the dress is just crying to be twirled around, right? 

Another Modcloth favourite. This maxi dress was designed by Lauren Moffatt for Modcloth, Zooey loves Modcloth most probably because they really do offer quirky dresses to suit all shapes. Some stores offer pretty dresses but the hemline sits too high, the chest area sits too low or there tends to do too much see-through. Not Modcloth, their dress shapes tend to verge almost of vintage styled dresses of the twenties to the fifties. 

The easiest way to get Zooey's quirky style is to go for a bold colour. Don't be afraid of kooky patterns but do them minimally and don't feel as though you must rely on your 'sexy'. Ladylike is getting more and more popular and it's a trend I don't see dying out anytime soon. Lengthen those hemlines, wear flats and don't be scared to bedazzle the hell out of your accessories. Loose curls, sexy lashes and accessories such as waist-cinching belts will only make your looser outfits more tailored. 

If you're considering those polka dots, stripes, strawberry, apple or Matryoshka prints I say hell yeah! go for it. Get some fun into your wardrobe and your life. If you're unsure then think 'What would Zooey do?' Chances are she'd say go for it! so put those lazy loungewear outfits away and get comfortable in your ladylike style. 

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