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What The | 10 Unusual Japanese Beauty Products

I adore quirky Japanese products and cosmetics I really do regardless of how well they perform. It makes me wonder what goes through their minds and secondly, I find it so amazing that people really believe that these are the way forward. 

I do purchase these unusual gadgets and products I'll put my hands up no questions asked. I tend to get them from eBay and although some seem daft, some do actually amaze me as they really do work. However, that still doesn't take the crazy out of half of the cray-zee assed gadgets. 

Take a peek... 

This facial lift gadget looks like a lightbulb gone wrong. Basically, you pop it in your mouth for a few minutes every day and it vibrates. The vibrations are supposed to tone up your face leaving you looking youthful and rejuvenated. 

Let's get sweaty. Apparently, that's exactly what you will do with the newest Japanese craze - Fermented Sawdust baths. Made of naturally fermented sawdust and oat bran, these 'baths' will make you sweat as much as you would do while running a two-hour marathon. 

Apparently, it helps to boost the immune system, relieves constipation (hopefully not while you're there) and improves circulation.  I can see the benefits in this but isn't there another way to get these benefits? 

The Rhythm Slim Toner aims to tighten the chin and neck area within three minutes per day. You simply jam this thing under your neck and move it up and down. The resistance is what tightens everything up. 

You could really do this with a softish ball saving you $137! It's apparently a big seller in Japan. 
Have issues with your lady lumps? You can eat those woes away with the F-Cup Cookies. These cookies apparently contain Pueraria Mirifica which is a herb that's supposed to boost your boobies. 

They have mixed reviews. I'm not sure if those who have seen the benefits are just feeling a placebo effect or, are getting bigger boobies from the weight they'll gain from eating boxes each week? 

Crazy right? I mean not only is the manufacturer of this face slimming dummy getting rich but I'm pretty sure they're laughing behind everyone's backs. Apparently, you pop this in your mouth for three minutes (what's with the three minutes for each of these gadgets) while doing your vowel exercises (which are the best types of facial exercises anyway). 

Simply over-pronouncing A-E-I-O-U can reach twelve facial muscles. I don't get why you need to wear a silly dummy to do so, these also cost $80!  

The nose shaper lifts the tip of your nose while 'apparently' straightening it up. You simply clip this on and it vibrates. 

There really are no words.  

This crazy toothed gadget is a head massager. You simply pop it over your head and move it about OR you could just do it with your own hands or get your loved one to very nicely do so. 

The Beau Bust Roller uses electronic muscle stimulation to increase breast tissue. You can apparently even use it in the bath. I'm not sure I know anyone who's brave enough to do that in the bath - Do you? Apparently rolling this on your boobs and surrounding areas will increase your breast size, if only it was that easy. 

Japanese Gals magic face spoon is supposed to keep your face looking glowing, youthful and healthy. Simply rub this spoon about your face and those germanium (not a spelling error) balls will work their magic. So it's really just a fancy face roller... huh. 

And the worst offender and I seriously mean this the WORST ever product has to be this last product. 

Ugh, this just made me so mad for some reason. Basically, this 'Pinky Queen' cream is marketed for lightening the skin, but what skin? your blooming nipples and areola. Because having anything like natural [human] coloured nipples is out of the question. 

Seriously sucky marketing and product. If this product was made by a woman she seriously needs a hefty bitch slap and equally, if it was a man well, let's not get into that. 

Cray-Cray set of gadgets and beauty tools, isn't it? What do you think's the worst offender? 


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  1. Eyelash transplant is getting more and more popular too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fukuG0lX0Vk

    1. eyelash transplant is a trend in japan now! so many women do it now! it's a s popular as botox'!


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