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2True Pearl Polish Collection

2True are a homegrown British cosmetics company that launched into Superdrug's. They have recently released their pearl collection consisting of five pearlescent polishes. I have three to show you today. 

First off the five polishes are silver, coral, pale blue, pear and oyster pink. I have the pale blue (shade 57), Pearl (shade 58) and Coral (shade 56) which are shown above. The coral actually does look like a coral-baby pink shade where as the picture shows it to be more of an orange coral shade. 

The polish is quite thin but this isn't a flaw as one thin coat leaves the nails with a natural pear coating which is so pretty. Two to three coats leaves the nails fully opaque and the pearl really comes alive at that point. 

They really are as pearlescent in person as they are shown here in the swatches. There is no metal ball in these so you do need to give them a good shake before using them to get the full pearl effect. 

The polishes cost £1.99 or you will normally be able to get 3 for £5 however, Superdrug's currently have a 3 for 2 on which means you can get 3 for £3.98! total bargain. These polishes would also be fantastic stocking fillers for a younger girl or teenager just getting into polish as well as for work wear and as natural day wear polishes. 

You can check them out over on Superdrug's website HERE

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