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Airbrushed Celebrities

Airbrushing is definitely a taboo subject among the masses. Celebrities are chastised for allowing media outlets to Photoshop their pictures but some are actually oblivious to it until it's too late. 

On the whole, it's these perfect airbrushed images that lead to so many young girls and boys self-harming or starving themselves to look just like their idols. These youngsters are aiming to achieve a look that is simply not possible to achieve, as a parent it's definitely a scary prospect. 

I believe my own body image issues came from these perfect looking celebrities. I never felt pretty enough or skinny enough and it definitely affected my confidence growing up. It's only now as an adult that I am starting to feel it's OK to look older, to have lumpy bits and to have a poochy tummy, the sad thing is there are some people who never become comfortable with this and ultimately ruin their health trying to achieve the celebrity look. 

I've included ten before and after airbrushed celebrity images below, you can see the before pictures are absolutely normal and really didn't need airbrushing. I'm pretty sure many of the magazine editors have body dysmorphia because these celebrities are gorgeous in their own rights and should be ashamed. It actually makes me so angry that they always lighten the skins of their models [regardless of original skin tone] what makes me more furious is when they do it to children, that's just unforgivable.  

Notice the celebrities who do lead healthy lifestyles, eat right, exercise and laugh-a-lot are the one's whose radiance shows on the outside.  To achieve outer beauty you definitely need to put in some work but that's another post altogether. 

Here are the before and after pictures: 

Jennifer Aniston always looks fab and effortless, I actually love that she doesn't get botox and just seems to look better the older she gets. This image has clearly been altered but not as severely as some of the others below. I just don't get why they would airbrush her picture though because she looks amazing in the before doesn't she? 

She may sing about being 'fergie-licious' but she clearly doesn't look fab in these does she. I've always found Fergie looks fab in media images but when you see her on the TV she looks quite bad on occasion - a lot of occasions. 

Eva Mendes has never appealed to me before, I was surprised though to see her before and after images only because I had never considered her having been airbrushed. You can clearly see she looks her age and again Cosmopolitan have erased her fine lines and made her lighter! Why do magazines feel the need to lighten skin tones? 

Whoa! Peneople Cruz is such a beautiful-beautiful lady I'm only guessing she was ill, had no sleep or it was simply bad lightening. It doesn't help that her airbrushed after image is too airbrushed and doesn't look normal anymore. 

Alicia Silverstone is the goddess of vegan, natural and healthy living, her before image clearly doesn't show someone who lives a completely healthy lifestyle - but it's natural. She looks happy, she looks natural and she looks normal. Like many people she has fine lines, wrinkles,  marks and discolouration on her skin. Clearly the after pictures have been altered and have completely taken all signs of personality out of her skin and added makeup. You can see they have even airbrushed her hands... oh the shock and horror!  

This is crazy. I get that the reason why they have altered the background but I just don't get why they airbrushed the gorgeous Scarlett Johansson? Her before picture looks gorgeous, her skin is amazing and her hair is perfect. For them to [again] lighten her skin to the point of becoming ghost-like and then to add make-up and darken her hair is just a tad cray-cray. 

Say What! Geoge Clooney... how dare they. Tell me who done it and I shall send them a special deliver bitch slap. George is known for his old crooner looks, grey hair and effortless charm. They have taken away all of his lines and darkened his hair - Benjamin Buttoning him! 

Another celebrity who needed no adjustments whatsoever  Jessica Alba lives a healthy, happy lifestyle and it clearly shows. Again they darkened her hair, lightened her skin and added makeup...why. 

Rachel McAdams is so cute and I love her before image. She has a mole, she has dark under eyes and fine lines but it gives her personality. I must prefer her before image, what do you guys think? 

Bad, so bad. The blue eyes look so fake, Katy's eyes are naturally ocean blue so they where always going to look bad altered - I mean you can't make those gorgeous eyes anymore colourful without making them look fake. Katy also has normal girl skin problems and some teeny fine lines. Don't let them do it Katie we love you as you are. 

Eeesh, supermodel huh. It's clear to see that Kate's partying lifestyle has caught up with her looks, what's frustrating about this clearly airbrushed image is that it's a standard cam shot of her going about her daily life. It's not a magazine cover or feature so why do they feel it's necessary to alter it? 

It's this type of altered image that makes little girls think it's OK to be cool, party and live the rock and roll lifestyle because it won't affect your body and features - clearly that perception is wrong though. 

I really love Kourtney Kardashian's no-nonsense personality. When she posted one week after giving birth she was horrified to find O.K magazine had altered her original image. You can see they clearly reduced her stomach as well as lightened her skin as well as baby Penelope's skin tone! She was so angry by this she released the original image over on Twitter to show that the body on O.K magazine was not hers. 

Kourtney you go girl! 

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