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Alice Bag By Fab : My Prize

I recently won an absolutely stunning clutch bag on Fashiolista. It's the Alice bag and was designed by blogger Alice Zielasko of Alicepoint blog for Fab. I was absolutely shocked because I rarely win anything - but have been a bit luckier of late. 

Here's my prize...

The bag is a large leather clutch with what feels like suede inside. It's a well made sturdy clutch and you can choose to wear the shoulder strap on it or take it off. Here it is with the gorgeous strap on. The strap is actually really heavy as it's made of heavy antiqued chain and leather components. 

To open and close the bag you simply pop this up and open, or pop it down and it's secured really well. This closure is a lot easier than popper closures and at least you be sure that it's not going to open and spill all of your contents all over the floor (it's happened, believe me it's embarrassing when it does). 

It has a zipped internal pocket and a ton of room to hold my makeup, keys, purse, phone etc. I am so taken with this clutch because it's one of those key pieces-The type that go through all seasons without looking out of place. 

I also love how leather wears and I really think this will age really well. Do you guys have a piece of clothing or accessory that you can transfer through all season? 

What do you think of my prize? awesome isn't it. Fashiolista hold regular contests to win fashion prizes, this is my first prize but it didn't cost me anything to enter and I really had nothing to loose by entering. 

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